Record Grey Cup Sellout

Grey Cup is officially sold out
Edmonton sets a record for fastest and earliest sellout in CFL championship history


Edmonton has scored a touchdown more than five months before hosting the Grey Cup.

At 6:04 p.m. Monday night, the Eskimos announced the game is now sold out.

That sets a record for the fastest sellout in Grey Cup history — ticket sales to the general public were opened on June 1 after more than 35,000 were snapped up by Eskimo season ticket holders.

The committee also set a record for the earliest sellout of a Grey Cup game at 173 days before the contest.

“The response by Edmonton Eskimo season ticket holders and CFL fans across Canada and the United States has been fantastic,? said 2010 Grey Cup Festival Committee co-chair Rick LeLacheur in a statement.

“We are very pleased that we will have a packed stadium on November 28.?

Duane Vienneau, executive director of the 2010 Grey Cup Festival Committee, said the sellout means they can focus all their attention to the tailgate party.

“We are putting together a tailgate party at Commonwealth stadium where you can party before the game and if you don’t have game tickets you can watch the game on big screens,? he said in a statement. “The sellout allows us to focus on the tailgate party and many other activities that we are planning for the Hot to Huddle Festival.?

This is really good, and it's not a 45k sellout either! Congrats to the organizing committee, but moreso to the fans that gobbled them there tickets up so fast - hard not to believe that the cfl is on the rise.

Wow :expressionless:
And the CFL is supposed to fold why?
Great on Edmonton, the Eskimos and CFL fans, the best, most loyal in the world...

I've seen this statement in a number of articles across Canada's media, and I don't think it's fully accurate. As a TiCats season ticket holder, I was offered the chance to buy certain seats from April 8th to 15th. I would assume that season ticket holders for other teams had this chance too.

Too bad they couldn't stuff 70,000 into Commonwealth...

:o Wow...

I have a feeling they will still release some more "standing room only" tickets just like they did during the sask game last season.

Impressive! :thup:

No kidding. It makes you wonder just exactly how many they could sell. I'd say probably another 10k easy. Maybe it's time to complete the bowl at Commonwealth with upper deck end zone seats.

I received this offer as well, so I think it would be more accurate to say that 35,000 were snapped up by CFL season ticket holders. Still, that was a really impressive number.

Is there room for expansion at Commonwealth Stadium? Because, given the demand, they could easily cram enough people to break the all-time attendance record (69,093 for 1977 Alouettes). However, there may not be room for more seating.

I think your feeling will be proven to be dead on . :thup:

I think the Eskimos will be kicking themselves on why they didn’t charge more for tickets. Prices were at rock-bottom levels. Prices ranged from just under $100-$250 for the best seats in the house. Tickets for last year’s Cup down the road in Calgary went for between $120-$370. I think Calgary’s was a little on the high side while the Esks could have upped the prices a bit.

Any speculation on what tickets will be worth closer to the Big Game?

don't tell them that. Now they are just going to increase beer prices.

i got 4 tickets. Im taking my son, my boyfriend and my son is bringing a friend as well.. Im sure glad I got them on the day they went on sale.. pretty good seats too. lower bowl not too low...

I wonder if stadium size has a little bit to do with the lower ticket prices here?

Good on the city for not trying to stick it to the People like Calgary did . Edmonton priced the tickets for the working class folk , the actual people who support this league. plus they will bring in a lot of revenues from other sources . most people will still have money left over to buy souveniers and go out for dinners during that weekend so everybody benifits from the Grey cup not just the Esks.

Quit pickin' on poor Cowtown.

Lot more seats too...

While it did look a lot like it last year's Grey Cup was in Calgary not Saskatchewan

I meant the game when Sask played against Edmonton in Commonwealth last season when there were over 63 000 fans. The Esks sold out all seats and sold a few hundred "standing room" tickets at field level behind the fence surrounding the field.