Recommendations for CFL/Grey Cup friendly sports bars in Downtown Toronto?

I’m looking for a good location to watch the Grey Cup in Downtown Toronto.

I couldn’t believe how difficult it was last year to find anywhere that that was actually showing the game with sound, if at all. I ended-up watching the game at Shark Club at Yonge & Dundas, however there were a couple times during the game when a staff member switched the main screen/sound over to an NFL game (which I assume was based on customer requests), was was more than a little annoying. Shortly after each time this happened, the big screen/sound was turned back to the Grey Cup, but I just couldn’t believe they would actually switch from the CFL Championship Game to a meaningless mid-season NFL game, especially when most people were there to see the Grey Cup, since this seemed to be the only sports bar downtown showing the game.

Suggestions/recommendations for a CFL friendly location to watch this Sunday’s Grey Cup would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, good question!


St Louis Wings are usually CFL friendly

Make the trip down the QEW to Hamilton; I defy you to find a sports bar that ISN’T showing the Grey Cup this Sunday. :slight_smile:


for those of us in Mississauga

for those of us in Toronto

Don’t waste your time in the downtown or frankly pretty much anywhere in the city or even GTA.
The bars don’t know what an excellent entertainment package we have, as they are wannabe US only sports shown and yes that includes the NHL.

Sad, but largely true.


The Argos are hosting a viewing party at 817 Sports Bar & Grill. This is by invite to STHs, so I don’t know if they’ll have the whole place booked or what. But if not, they’ll probably have the game on at least some TVs for other patrons.

Making some inroads

The Sky Dome is showing it on the jumbo-tron.

Interesting! Admission price?


Just a little leg pulling.