Recognizing the CFL difference...

Anybody here remembers R-Kal Truluck ? He is a defensive end who played 7 games with the Alouettes in 2001. Since then, he mostly played in the NFL.

During his 7 games with the Als, he got 4 sacks, 12 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Not bad.

He just resurfaced yesterday at the Alouettes' training camp after being cut by the NFL.

Instead of bragging that his NFL experience would give him an edge - like so many players do - he said quite the opposite:

«While in the NFL, I worked on becoming bigger and heavier. That fitted their game. Now, it will make it difficult for me in the CFL. This game is different. It will be pretty hard on my lungs with the bigger field and faster game. But I'll do my best.»

Don't you just like when players recognize our game is different?

Good luck R-Kal !

yes good luck ! I hope he find his lungs back, he would be a nice addition.

R-Kal played a few games for the Riders too , if im not mistaken. I thought he was a good player, but cant remember why we didnt keep him.

Good info Third. Nice to hear this actually from a player. Something we know as fans who follow the CFL but always nice to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

You didn't keep him because he was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs. He played two seasons there, one in Green Bay and one in Arizona.

As far as I remeber I didn't think that he was picked by the Cheifs from the Riders roster. I believe we didn't sign him after his contract expired and he got on with the cheifs on an open work out but I believe he spent time in montreal before that happened. Anyways for thoes Rider fans out there that forgot this Bobby Jurasin was released because this guy came to camp, Truluk has a shwack of sacks in a short ammount of time before being injured, and he never returned to form for the riders after that.

Those comments are refreshing for sure. Nice to see now and then that there are still players around who haven’t let their egos take control of their mouths.

CFL exp.: 5

MTL exp.: 2

Acquired: Free agent (June 2006)

Drafted: NA

Status: Import

2005 Season

Truluck played eight games with the Arizona Cardinals... He registered one tackle and assisted on two.

Pro career

2004 – Truluck played 14 games with the Green Bay Packers... He registered 12 tackles, 3.5 sacks and he had one knockdown.

2003 – Truluck played 14 games with the Kansas City Chiefs... He registered 10 tackles and five sacks.

2002 – Truluck played eight games with the Kansas City Chiefs, registering five tackles.

2001 – He started two of seven games with the Alouettes... He recovered one fumble and had four sacks, one tackle for a loss, 12 defensive tackles and one special teams tackle... He also played for the Detroit Fury where he was named his team’s top defensive player on top of taking AFL Rookie of the Year honours.

2000 – Truluck had 8.5 quarterback sacks in 12 games with the Saskatchewan Roughrides... He recorded 18 defensive tackles and had four forced fumbles... He also had one interception, scoring on a 12-yard return.

1999 – In 18 games with the Riders, Truluck played at linebacker, defensive end and defensive tackle... He made 52 defensive tackles, six sacks and had four fumble recoveries.

1998 – He started three games at rush end... He registered three sacks, nine defensive tackles, four special teams tackles and a fumble recovery in the first game of the season... He was named Defensive Player of the Week for Week #1...

1997 – Truluck attended training camp with the Washington Redskins.

Yes I also remember Truluck with the Riders. He was a force on D, but was eventually cut I believe by Danny for discipline reasons. He had alot of baggage to include, I think some drug problems?

Oh oh, drug problems in the CFL, here we go again...


I remember Truluck with the green riders but don't recall him being with Montreal. I think he was about 30 lbs lighter back in those days. He was a good pass rusher, we'll soon find out if he can still do it.

He joined too late. I doubt he will make it this year. Unless he's willing to sit on the practice roster for a few months. Next year, he should be with a CFL team.