Recognition days

Hello everyone,
I have been a ti-cat fan for as long as I remember. I was just wondering if maybe it might be nice to have a day where the cats recognise the tigerettes/cheerleaders. These ladies have worked very hard through the years. Imagine if you would a football game with no cheers, hoots, or even the beloved oski-wee-wee. My mother was a tigerette from (I think) 1962 - 1968. She told me that back then they even paid for thier own game ticket! So a day a year I think it would be nice to show appreciation for cheerleaders past and present. What do you think?


Um, actually, the cheerleaders now never lead cheers at all. They never hoot, holler, or encourage fans at all. There a dance team and no more.

Andkon is right.
The Mac team is a true cheer actually hear them hooting and hollaring.
The Gals in the Glad bags (while nice) are just a dance team and nothing more...sorry. :cowboy:

Hey jukebox----get bent !

Ya know maybe it's fans like yourselves that have the girls thinking What's the use! aLL WE HAVE IS A BUNCH OF BLOW HARDS who don't give a rats behind about us! And for MR. FREIGHTTRAIN: I'll bend you you argo lovin' jerk!

Geeze, Jukebox. It's not so long ago that you were a gentle, harmless Ticat fan who occasionally put forward well-intended suggestions. (e.g. see first post of this thread)

See how quickly a single day on this website can turn someone?

I am a nice Ti-cat fan but insulting posts such as freighttrain that get my gold and black blood boiling. We are supposed to be a united front for our team as fans. If we sit there and insult each other for OUR views, how can we expect Our team to come together?