after reading the thread about the trade i noticed that almost everyone is saying that this was murphy's first season and he will get better. If there is so much promis for him should we not be looking foward to see how much better nate and jo jo can be. i think that they will both be nice recivers for us this year if they are given the chance.

I am sure they will be given an opportunity in training camp to show thier stuff. If they beat out the newcommers because they are better than what they showed last season, fine. If not, thats fine too so long as the net result is that the passing games is light years better than last season

that is what i said… if he has so much promise than Nate and Jo Jo do to, I just don’t think any of them will be really great.

i do like Nate and Jo Jo as return men though.

i wassnt saying i dont like the trade because i do. i was just saying that i dont think our recivers are as bad as some people think. pluse we should have an all start qb this season and they will have the hole off season to work togeather.