Recipe to win this week in Calgary ...

Joseph must show that he can lead the offence with solid clock eating drives that equate into points… preferably more then 3 everytime!!

The oline has to protect Joseph more. He can’t go on being sacked 4-5 times in a game. Poor guy’s looking gun shy. The oline could help take the pressure off KJ by establishing the running game…

With Joseph’s scrambling and Ranek’s rumbling, the Gades will look good vs the Stamps.

On D - continued and sustained pressure on Burris is a must. If they can get to him early… the better. If this happens the Gades will win and keep the South Siders happy… And we all know happy South Siders are loud South Siders…

Special teams - Look for Armstead to take one home meanwhile hopefully Kellet’s glasses are squeaky clean cause they need all the points possible!

A full game from all sides of the ball and a “this is our house” attitude will set the Gades up for a stomping vs this week’s Stamps.


Oops sorry vs Calgary not in Calgary…

Special teams - Look for Armstead to take one home meanwhile hopefully Kellet’s glasses are squeaky clean cause they need all the points possible!

–Hahaha no doubt eh? I laughed my ass off the first time I saw that two weeks ago. Someone get that guy some athletic goggles or something, it looks like my uncle’s placekicking for the Gades.

NERD ALERT!!! NERD ALERT - (voice of the SS upper deck!!)

If it’s sunny Kellet will need his blue blockers!!!

If Ottawa can stop the stupid penalties like they too vs. BC these guys will do just fine this year.

I was at the BC game and came away impressed with this team and their potential. There are some highly talented guys there including Kerry Joseph, Jason Armstead, etc. Things should be good here as long as the new owner doesn’t move from dating cheerleaders to interfering in the football operation. That includes Forrest Gregg too. Is he not some sort of advisor or VP who might forget this is Canadian football and a lot of differences with the NFL game and types of players suited for here vs there.

Whoops, I doubt that comment about dating cheerleaders again applies to Forrest Gregg. At his age he might like that but it was the owner’s son and co-owner doing the dating apparently.

Ottawa will win the game. There a good team.

hold on. just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’ll win. look at montreal when they lost to o-town. bad. don’t forget the calgary has burris and copeland. even though they have connected well, they will probably do better now that they have had time. and if calgary rushes joseph it could cause trouble for ottawa’s offense.

Please stampfan… The pressure on Burris is so huge to perfom that he’s showing signs of stress after just 3 games and it will be his demise. He’s a good backup pure and simple.

As for Copeland aka Mr. Dropsies. He was a stallworth with Montreal who had a 6pack amazing guys… You can design your offence around the connection of your QB and 1 reciever. Don’t play the Copeland car with us - Your Copeland experiment will end up just like our with Woodcock.

Stamp fans have way too much expectation on this team. Chemistry is not bought with free agency…

Ottawa’s front 4 on D has shown it can go toe to toe against the 3 best team in the league (Ed. MtL. BC) so vs Calgary they should have a great day in Burris’s bakcfield.

And for Copeland, dropsies or not, he’ll have a quiet night cause he’s gonna be double covered anyways… And he’s the Stamps only real threat.

Look for a convincing win for the home team.

…If you want to believe Copeland is the only threat we have MM, then I hope your Defensive coordinator is thinking the same thing…that’ll leave Rambo and Lewis all alone…sweet…

exactly. plus, if calgary can stop ranek as well as they did roberts in wpg and pressure joseph as well as theydi tee, game over.

If you think that Ranek is Ottawa’s only running threat… go right ahead. Joseph is due this week.

And this team knows it can win cause it was a real challenge for BC. And we all know what happened to Montreal.