Recipe to win this week in BC ...

-Joseph needs to continue to scramble and use a moving pocket to avoid the pressure. He also needs to be more confident!!!

-Oline needs some some healthy bodies to create oppotunities for QB.

-Ranek needs to own bc’s D.

-Ottawa’s DB’s and CB’s need to be ball hawks cause we know that BC’s O is gonna through all night.

-Mistake-less football for Joe’s team.

-Luck. Potentially lots of it.

What they need to do is get pressure on Dickenson. Send a blitz every now and then to shake it up. i like the option play when joseph sweeps to the side and has ranek in front or behind him for the option play, keeps the defence guessing. But most importantly, they need to play smart ball and not take any dumb penalties.

You’re bang on “Gades” - if we win vs BC it will be out D beating their O…

For that to happen we can’t get into penalty trouble cause BC is very explosive.

To win, Ottawa need to overachieve on defense and special teams. BC has the most trouble against strong defenses (except for Montreal which BC has beaten 5 straight times). Unfortunately, Ottawa has the worst defense in average points against and special teams are mediocre.

Offense alone is insufficient against BC which has an above average defense. Running is less effective than passing because of BC #1 run defense in 2004. BC tends to have fewer penalties and turnovers against than most teams so do not expect BC to self-destruct.

Recipe for Ottawa to win in BC:

a) Dress two Renegade equipment guys in BC Place Maintenance workgear
b) Access BC Lion Equipment Room with PIN access number (#54667)
c) Switch Gatorade packets with fake Gatorade packets filled with Sominex
d) Wipe down room for latent prints
e) Run like mad

Funny… just like the commercial from Pro Line!!

And the 1 Gade fan in BC place cheering after Dickerson gets saked!!

That’s a great commercial!

This will be a very meaningful game for the 10 ex-Lions on the Gades roster, including three starters from last year’s Grey Cup team. I look forward to seeing them again in person before the game and wishing them luck. Afterwards, have mercy on their souls.

Hopefully your Lions do as the sorry Als did and underestimate the Gades…

a win in bc is a long shot but if they keep joesp on the move and get presure on dickenson from there d line the may beable to keep it close and make a move in the fourth like last game

another player of the week performance from Jospeh and Kellet would help a lot.

I’m hoping Ranek has a breakout game and our DB’s become ball hawks cause we know BC’s all about throwing the ball…

But you’re right TIPHER they gotta keep Joseph on the move.

I’m looking forward to see how the offensive playcalling goes this week. We have good receivers, but I didn’t see us stretch the field using Cutolo until the 4th quarter against Montreal. We need to do that earlier. I’m sure part of this problem is that our OLine is suspect, so perhaps the coaching staff didn’t want to call to many deep balls. If we shift the pocket we can get the time to throw some deep balls. This will get BC’s corners worried about the deep ball and then we can start throwing some shorter stuff.

ottawa fans, i dont care how you do it but man make ur team win . cuz ur like my second fav team so ya GO GADES GO!!!

Deep ball will also allow us to unleash Ranek on them!!!

i have a good fealing that ottawa will win this game

im likeing the look of the o line i think we will have a good game on offense

I want you guys to know that I respect your team and the Lions will not have an easy win.


…aw, that’s so cute…