Recipe for success vs EE

Here's my 10 quick hits for this weeks victory vs EE.

  1. Revenge VS a cocky EE team who think they can come into FCS and beat the GADES who are the hottest team in the league at the moment. Remember what happened last year when the Gades spanked them!!!???

  2. Gades sched. has forced them to play tough teams. As a result their game has risen and now they know they can play well vs the leagues Elite.

  3. Weather - hopefully is stays hot and humid. The EE defence's legs will be heavy just like the Stamps. (huge advantage for us).

  4. AC = Anthony Collier will be unleased on the EE offence. Mr. 5 sacks.

  5. Play calling by our O is getting more creative and more agressive. Playing EE so quickly again will help the Gades who can build on the good things they did in the 1st half vs EE. Also seeing EE lose to the Als and struggle vs the Bombers will help Crondell put together a well devised plan of attack for KJ to have success.

  6. Marshall's Defence is built to pressure QB's and look for coverage sacks to set the tone vs a good EE ofence.

  7. Special teams success in game 1 vs EE helped the Gades. Armstead is key.

  8. Joseph must take charge and own the game with long drives that equate into any type of points.

  9. Special Agent Woodcock - who's been forgotten by everybody needs to get more involved. If he does the opposing D's will have even more to worry about.... Can't all cover Yo, Armstead, Howell and Woodcock without giving something up...

  10. Hometown crowd. Need 20+ cause FCS is a loud crowd and the Gades fuel off of our loudness... If it's hot and humid the Mardi Gras Madness will only increase temperature in the stands and will pump up to volume for the home team.

Something else working for Ottawa: both Hervey and Sanchez are doubtful for the game. I'll be rooting for the Gades but they will have to play a superb game in all three phases to beat Edmonton.

Edmonton is 6-1 in past encounters. But Ottawa and Calgary have the best probability if any underdog is to win this week. Edmonton has some vulnerabilities. So if Ottawa can pressure Ricky Ray, excel in punt returns, score touchdowns (in any way) and overachieve on defense, that would help. Revenge incentive favors Ottawa. Also Edmonton tends to play worse on the road while Ottawa is better at home. Hopefully, Edmonton continues its sloppy performance from last week.

I think the Lions are probably the hottest team since they are undefeated. Ottawa has to get in Ricky Ray's face & cause some turnovers. Esks O-line has some holes. Greg Marshall will have the defence ready. It will come down to turnovers & big plays. 'Gades will win 30-22.

mmm kay.

Don't worry, the clock at FC stadium does not have a 10th of a second option.......that is when it's working! :lol: