Recipe for a Grey Cup Championship repeat!

Generous Lulay seasoning
A little Reilly for added taste
Heaping amounts of all purpose Lions defensemen
A dash or two of Harris and Brown all star spice
Plenty of Gore, Moore, Taylor and E. Jackson

.....along with chefs Chapdelaine, Stubler and Benevides to put it all together and voila......

The 2012 Grey Cup!

For the 3rd consecutive game the Lions have gone without Bruce, Simon and Mitchell. This time they went with Lulay and Iannuzzi as well. No matter. The team has so much depth that they not only get the job done, they did it in convincing fashion. Whose your daddy?

What a game to behold! Reilly was brilliant. McCallum was back to his old ways: Mr. Automatic. The D line was in Joseph's face all night. The receivers were having a grand time racking up the yards. Tim Brown ran like he was possessed! Though the Eskies managed to pull even with the Lions at 19-19 going into the 4th quarter you just knew it wasn't going to last. BUT..........

The highlight of the night for me was actually when I decided to have a little fun with the crowd. In our section a lot of us have gotten to know each other quite well. Even the fans behind us can have a good laugh with us. I decided to attend the game wearing my green hoodie sweat top. It matches closely the Eskie's colour of green. The looks I got were something else. And those were from the friends around me! Some glared at me or would not even look or talk to me. I continued playing the Eskie fan to the hilt. Each time the Eskimos got a first down I'd stand up and cheer much to the chagrin of the fans behind me. Yes, I appearing like I was gloating. When the Esks scored the opening FG I turned around waving to the crowd and smiling. The guys and gals around me were beside themselves and quite puzzled since I always wore my Lions cap and jersey to every game. Several were asking if I was truly and Eskies fan. I never let on what was happening.

When the Lions scored their first TD I got some glares and put on my sad face as if I was quite disappointed. That of course was hard because I was thrilled the Lions scored but I couldn't let on. Then at the right moment after the convert I stood up, turned around and faced my section, screaming out, " THAT'S IT.....I CAN'T STAND IT ANY MORE! PLEASE STOP IGNORING ME! I'M NOT AN ESKIMO FAN. I NEVER WAS!" and pulled off my green hoodie revealing my Lions Jersey underneath as I put my Lions orange cap on. They all started clapping and laughing their heads off. What a great time we had. We all had such a great laugh.