recieving corps

does anybody think that by this time next season hamilton may have the best recieving corps in the league...alot of young guys who look great and are improving as the season progresses. I think the only weak spot on our O is at qb porter is good just needs more time thats all.

A little early for such proclamations, no? It's only been 4 games.

I'll wait for the next 14 games before I even consider such things.

I suppose. thats thing with the cfl with there only being 8 teams anything can happen playoff stimpulations are pretty much non existant until the last week or two. But talent is talent. plus opinions and are just opinions im not saying lets guarantee we have the best recieving corps or ill die.

I think most of the people in the forums here take the cfl game more serious than the players themselves lol

Dont even make another thread about Porter and how his lack of ball movement. First of all this guy is young, this guyhas all new recievers needs to learn how they run, they just got a new WR so hes working with him, new Oline needs to learn the weak sides of all of them. This guy needs time people need to look at the facts were 2-2 not 0-4, not 1-3 2-2 we would normally be 0-4 at this point so suck it up and look at the positives boys come on.

8) Hey, I agree with you, at least on that statement !!! :wink:

First of all he isnt young anymore, and his recivers are not all new Rodriguez and davis were both here last season.

i never said he sucked or didnt move the ball.

however now that it has been brought up i do think glenn does a better job moving the ball. but porter is our future so we need to develop him.

I merely stated he needs more time to develop.