Recieving Corps

So who should be in who should be out, i think it should look like this:

Dominguez Murphy Fantuz Armstead

Then...Grant and French for backups in the 5 and 6 reciever set

Then when Richardson gets back he can take Murhpy or Fantuz's place and then take french out of the 6 reciever set, and leave him on the sidelines or even at home.

I agree:

Dominguez, Yo, Fantuz, Armstead

I think Fantuz will get a wealth of knowledge opened to him with the addidtion of YO... But i think Yo and Armstead should be on OPPOSIT sides of the hash marks... Just so that KJ has some 'comfort' on both sides...

And when richardson gets back, I dont care... Keep him sitting, i like the Recieving Corps as it is... As for grant and french, well... the bench doesnt warm it-self. :lol: :wink:

Sounds alright except for a couple things. Dominguez, Yo and Armstead are Americans (3) while Fantuz, French and Grant are Canadian. If you add an American to the recieving corps you have to take an American away somewhere else.
Fantuz is still young and the verdict is out. Though I believe he can be very good in our league. French had one half of one real good season got hurt and has not been the same since. I really thought he was about to come into his own. Unfortunately I as many fans am still waiting. Though I don't think it is quite time to give up on him. At minimum he is a good backup Canadian receiver who hustles and does a good job on special teams. Grant has some speed and has shown flashes. Though he has also misjudged a ball or two that have hurt us. new to our team but a 1000 yard guy a year ago. If we can bring him in without hurting our offense, defence or special teams in another area I would like to have a look. The question then is who comes out. Dorsey? Who returns kicks full time? Bracey... personally I would not wish to see him taken out. I really think he has shown something in his limited use so far especially the two back set. And think he will only be better in the stretch when the weather grows cold and the running is more north south.
So to bring in Yo who is the American that sits. Which leads us back to the question: Is it worth it?

You want to get rid of an import??? I got one......Charles Thomas..... :twisted:

A popular answer I am certain. However he is one of the members of a resurgent Offensive line. One who plays one of the most difficult positions in terms of athleticism. For the most part I feel he does a pretty good job there though he does seem to be tagged with an unnaturally high number of holding calls in key situations for the LEAST penalized team in the league. I don’t doubt that Lazeo could be a starter in the league. Though with the limited depth of Candian talent on the O-line throughout the league it would behoove the Riders to do what they can to keep this a stength. A strength based both on the personnel and the fact that the brainthrust has decided to dedicate 2 import slots to this so important yet unhearalded position. So to answer my own question stated above with your suggestion. It is not worth it. Though it likely would be a popular selection amongst the fans…initially.

Fair enough - although I don't like Thomas (no secret there), I was being nothing more than a smartass with my answer, as I assumed you were talking about which import receiver to sit..... about taking out Dorsey, who has looked less than spectacular to me this year, and having Armstead return kicks?

well first off even if we play Jones at MLB this week we still have one more canadian starter than required so no issues lining Yo up for anyone one of the recievers.

Yo also bring the first play threat that JA doesnt after returning kicks. He is a great guy on a 5 reciever passing down. Dominguezm, Armstead, Fantuz, French, YO!

most likely see less of French and Fantuz when JRich gets back.

Also having Yo mean JRich doesnt have to rush coming back.

I didn't think much will change with this offense right now as far as plays and patterns go, hopfully Yo brings in some new elements though.

First Keith is doing a heck of a job receiving as a slotback, but it's got to end he's got to get rushing again because when we run the ball and rack up 100 yard games for Keith we always have a chance to win the game or do win. The good thing Yo will bring is another coverable guy deep, hopefully allowing Keith to rush again?

Dominguez can be doubled, and they have to watch out for Yo and Armstead also now instead of just Armstead. Fantuz also has been good, he had that good reception last game because Winnipeg ignored him on most of his plays. He was completely open while both Armstead and Dominguez were doubled. But the problem was we had guys open Fantuz on a number of plays but KJ is not finding them in time nor was he running, and when he does find our open guys he was consistent in overthrowing the ball, such as the Corey Grant throw that could have tied the game had the ball been thrown properly to him. KJ has got to perk up and start throwing to our open guys properly and more consistently and also start taking a better look on both sides of the field, or the best receivers back there won't matter. We've had Dominguez open on a number of times where KJ failed to see him.

Herschal...the CFL import rules allow 19 imports on the Roster not including Quarterbacks. That is what the Riders employ as do most other teams in the CFL. Only team I am aware that used more Canadian's in the last little while was Ottawa at the beginning of last year. Which means to bring Yo Murphy onto the roster an American must be taken off somewhere.
JM02, I agree with you that it makes most sense to take Dorsey out and have Armstead return all kicks. But that does put him more at risk and likely into a platoon position on the offense. Which means Grant and French still take more snaps. So it all depends on where we want him. And who helps us most. I imagine that I would be leaning to going this route if the decision were mine to make and I felt Yo could help our offense. suggest that KJ overthrew Corey Grant in Winterpeg is unreal. Grant misjudged the ball. It happens. But even Grant would tell you that he did.
Adding Yo Murphy can only increase the options for the Rider offense in the near future and that is a good thing. I am left to wonder however if Armstrong would have signed with us if Shivers were still here. Guess we will never know.

why not have Grant return instead of Dorsey ??

RRR - i understand the ratio rule, i was just stating the Riders, for most of the season, have started more than the require 7 Canadians.

True somewhere from the roster they will have to pull an import but due to the extra 2 canadian starters the riders have the flexiblity to replace an import at any postion.

ANother thing to consider is Mike McCullough is hurt. He is Canadian, which means that import Kitwana Jones is likely to start in his place as he has been spelling him anyways in some passing situations. Although Mike Mahoney, who is Canadian may play middle linebacker in running situations, as McCullough has been, allowing Jones to continue pass rushing and exceptional special teams play.

Why so he can drop the punts like he did on the potential game-tying touchdown in the banjo bowl?

That pass was over thrown i'm not a fan of grant but the pass was overthrown

Went right through his hands. When you are a professional athlete who gets paid to catch the ball…you catch the damn ball! The difference between a good receiver and a great receiver is just that. Do you think Narco would have caught that ball? How about Dominguez, Geroy or Stegall?

why didn't you put armstead in there

Oh a kick returner? That's simple cut Dorsey and use Yo. Yo Murphy specializes in kick returns you guys there's no reason he can't take over for Dorsey.

no you gotta put armstead back there he has a 12 yard avrage for punt returns the highest this year so far he’ll do better than dorsey

The only reason the coaching staff took Armstead out of returning punts and kickoffs was becuase they thought he might get hurt. He would be a better to us in the receiver postion, not on the injured list.