Do we lack size at the reciever position?
Rob Peterson the voice of the Riders was just commenting on our recievers on CHML.

He feels Terry Vaughn is the only quality reciever we have.

DJFlick hasn't stepped up and helped the QB ,like Damingez has for the Riders.

Some truth I think,...

Hard to help the qb out when he keeps overthrowing or underthrowing the ball

damned hard to “step up” when the QB only looks at you three times in a game!!

Second play of the opening drive, Flick wouldnt even lean towards the ball, let alone fully extend his arms or heaven forbid lay out for it.
Our recievers don't want it bad enough to work for it.
Somewhere there's a post made this morning that says "and please get the ball to DJ, in his hands" (not an exact quote but close).
Why do our recievers need it right in the numbers but other teams know full well if you want the ball you have to work for it.
Look at recievers like Winfield, Flutie, Stegall, Narco, Pitts etc....these guys spent half their careers in the air and the reason is they wanted the ball and they wanted to win.
Other teams right now are doing whatever they need to to win, going up, laying out, coming back, double triple coverage whatever it takes.
Ours need it in their hands.

Edit: My error, it was Peterson in the opening drive who let one go a half foot over his head and tried a halfhearted one handed wave at it.
Flick's lack of effort is in the third drive. (one of them)

why dossnt quinnie play. the man has hands and crazy spped. our recivers su*k. so give the man some playing time.

Canucklehead wrote:

Edit: My error, it was Peterson in the opening drive who let one go a half foot over his head and tried a halfhearted one handed wave at it.
Flick's lack of effort is in the third drive. (one of them)

Two very noticable examples in last nights game of the many players who have lost their spirit this year. I felt sorry for QB William's who entered later in the game. It was obvious he was bursting at the seams with energy and determination. He looked out of place on the team. Did somebody forget to tell him he is a professional?

Quinnie and Hill are tall, fast receivers who should be starters on this team at WR. Flick seems to have lost his hunger for the ball, and I've never been a fan of Peterson. All season long we have had a lack of production at the WR position. Some of it may be Maas' fault (can't throw deep effectively because he's injured), but our current wideouts certainly aren't making big plays like Arland Bruce. Time for a change.

And there are many other players in less conspicuous positions
who find it frustrating to keep their motors running right to the whistle

when they know that one of their team-mates is likey going to blow an assignment
or take a penalty because they are not concentrating enough.

and what lack of effort was that canuclehead?? going for a ball that was well underthrown or one that was thrown well over everyone's head??

Tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, than to open it and prove it.

The same thing goes when writing, jester.

Got a tape of the game Steve? I hope so.

3rd drive (I'd have to check the time) 2nd play, he touches it and stumbles.
Should have laid out for it. Period.
Other recievers do, why don't ours?

8:11 to the half.
A 25 yard pass and he just quits running.
The ball lands three yards in front of him with no attempt made whatsoever to reach it.
I watched the game with a very some very ardent Flick fans and even they recognized that he stopped well before tha ball landed without even trying.

1:41 left to the half and here's the one you're calling way over his head.
I'll bet anyone here that his feet do not come even a foot off the ground and he still touches that ball but can't pull it down.
He could have but he would have taken a hit.
IMO that's part of his chosen career.

Where's the layouts? Where's the highlite catches?
I undertsand that you don't like seeing this here and I honestly do respect that but for fans here that have been raised on Winfields, Amersons and Fluties were kinda used to seeing guys that fight for it.

I have a lot of respect for any man that steps on that field and have always been satisfied with my team as long as I was seeing the effort, unfortunately last night that's one thing I didn't see out of some of our receiving core.

Kamau Peterson :thup:

We just do not have an exceptional receiver as we have had in the past.

It only takes one Flutie, Winfield, Stegall or Dipietro to make all the other guys look better.


How about Morreale and Brock? Now if only they would get the ball......

Funny how people can question DJ's effort, he BLOCKED A PUNT in the middle of a blowout when there was no reason to go all out.

Not to mention the fact that DJ rarely (if ever) plays on the punt-return ST (the exception being as a returner). This is a guy who gets maulled while running his routes, and rarely draws a flag (bad officiating agaiin). Does he throw a hissy fit like "everyone's darling" Archie Amerson? No. DJ is probably the most professional player on this team (if not the League).

Hamilton does not have a #1 receiver. Every other team in the league does:

I actually thought that Petersen had an OK game..I don't think that DJ Flick is an effective wide receiver as he has limited pattern running ability..I mean is a fly pattern or a stop and go the only thing he can do? I did like him coming over the middle on a crossing route late in the game though.
It is hard to see when watching the games on TV but our receivers never seem to run very good routes, either because of poor footwork ie rounding out a break or because they misread the defence and move to the wrong space. Improvment in this area could improve results.
I missed the Winnipeg victory and didn't see our offence in that game. I think that the first drive of the third quarter was reminiscent of that performance (according to a friend that watched both)-just like the players, coaches and fans I don't understand why it is so difficult for the offence to perform at that level on a more regular basis..welcome to the twilight zone

The only reason the receivers have difficulty going after the ball is beacuse Mass is running for his life. The offensive line could'nt hold a bag of grapes.

The recievers very rarely get an opportunity to catch a pass thrown in their century.

I couldn't agree more. The Cats have an aging Vaughan but he's not the same player he was a few years ago. He's the best of a very average lot. Blame Maas all you want but these guys aren't helping because they can't get open consistently. Cavil was a good example. Highly rated by Cats' fans but only worth a 3rd round pick on the open market.

An Argo fan