Which recievers do you think are going to make the squad and who do you think will get cut/traded??? I personally would like to see them go with the young canadians and get rid of french and grant, and keep flick, anderson, dominguez and armstead for imports, although i dont know alot about hill. Yo murphy could be kept around to take a spot in case of injury, just my thoughts, anyone else.......

Yo Murphy is making a case for himself in camp and showing he deserves to play his last year. I wouldn't doubt if he's one of the main guys. Hill will make it because of his returning skills. With all the quality players we have at this position, it'll be interesting to see who is let go.

Yo better be on the team.

Flick and Murphy will stay not only because their pretty good receivers but because their apart of tillman's former renegade thing.

Yo, is not only a great checkdown reciever for KJ... But should also foster a bit of a mentoring role (or one would hope), during his last year. Should be a decent one for him and the rest of the green recievers.

All we need is Josh Ranek and we will have the whole offence from Ottawa. Even the off. Coordinator. Keep Yo for one season.

Receivers aren't kept because they happened to have been at one place or another they are kept because they have something to offer the team. There is no allegiance by a team towards the players and the same can be said of the players towards the teams.