Recievers in 2008 and injuries

What is going on this year?

Riders have 8 recievers on the injured list (all 9-game variety)

Elijah Thurmon and Stala from Montreal.

Tucker, Brock Ralph, and now Campbell goes down in practice in Edmonton.

Clermont is doubtful this week, added to Cory Rodgers and Clarence Coleman in BC.

Winnipeg's recievers have been rotating in and out all season.

Toronto is starting a QB at reciever.

Do we need to look at some rule changes to protect these guys or something (like we have for QB's).

NO!!!!! these are freak accidents. I hate the extra rules they have for QB's, and if you do the same for Recievers you might as well not play, because it will no longer be football but some bastardized version.

Agreed Billy, it seems every team goes through these "Injury bugs". This is football, not Dancing with the Stars.

They have enough rules to protect all the players, in fact I think the Quarterbacks are overprotected. But that just my opinion.

LOL touch football anyone this statement is rediculious. YOu do know injuries are part ofthe game because there is tackling right. That like having calf roping with out using a horse or Bull riding with out the bull! LOL

Since when is watching players get mutilated on the field quality family entertainment? Do you want to take your kids to a football game and have them watch some guy’s neck get broken and have him carried off the field in an ambulance and a backboard? I apologize if my discussion is a bit over your head, but I feel there should be limits to what we sacrifice in the name of entertainment.

...zbest just because people do not agree with your suggestion does not give you the right to question their intelligence, all these posters are quite knowledgable w.r.t. football and it's related injuries....accept the fact that your perception is yours, and no one elses....

ridrfan1 not just your opinion I totally agree with you.

We’ve played with the mostly the same rules for longer than you have been born. The CFL has never had this many incidents of broken bones. It’s just a freak year.

Maybe it’s a bit over your head to understand the laws of probability.

Last thing we need is some guy calling for rules to protect receivers, because they don’t want thier kiddies to see anyone get a boo boo. How would you do it anyway? Not allowed to tackle them unless thier feet are on the ground? 5 yard safe catch rule? The breaks this year mostly came from people falling wrong after legal, straight up tackles. Not from anyone getting hammered in the air, or blindsided. Think things through before you post garbage, and you might not need to insult everyone when they laugh at you.

It is my opinion as well

I don't know HOW, but there is probably a way. Those are two ways that might be talked about.

Personally, I don't like either of them either. I never actually gave my opinion, I just asked a question or two (that's what discussion boards are for, no?).

And the way redwhite2005 responded to it was disrespectful.

Compared to what kids watch thats it movies or on the news or playing video games a few injuries at a football game are truely minor. Not to mention (im a huge fan of it) but the UFC is 100 times more violent that a football game. be disrespectful back, yup, that solves the problem....seriously, his response was really nothing to get worked up about... answer your question, there is nothing to be done, it's a full-on contact sport, one of the most brutal on the will get hurt, and as much as they the players and we the fans do not like that we all accept the fact it happens....period....

Whoooa most brutal sport Red. Next Stampede I will take you in the chutes for some bull riding. But your right it is very demanding on the bpody. Theplayers playing in the game know full well of the risks involved in the sport. Maybe just maybe we can have a guy assigned to each receiver with a matress and they can throw it down so they can nland on it. The point Zbest is maybe if you would think before posting you may not get rediculed. I apologize but really your post is not well thought out. The sport is exactly how you see it. Theonly thing that might happen is to get better portective gear and I am sure that has been well thought out. Much like bull riding years ago flack jackets were not the norm it is now. You can not really change the sport all that much to suit prevent injuries with out wrecking the sport. The NHL has put in so many rules now it is more like Ice Capades then a hockey game.

I think you gotta penalize people for leading with the crown of the helmet, but even then I think very few injuries have occurred because of that type of hit.

Just a very bad year for injuries, not much you can do about it.

...rw05, been there done that, actually grew up on Elkana Ranch in Bragg Creek, so I know what it is like to eat dirt 2 secs after being on an animal...but that is an entirely differnt league...

....Dust, I agree...

Guys play extra hard because they want to win. Injuries sometimes result. These are young, tough men in the peak of physical condition who know the risks and live with it. It's what they do. I'm betting that if you ask them, they wouldn't change a thing.

As for not exposing your children to violence, well, that's your choice to not take them to a football game. Perhaps tennis or curling would be a better spectator sport for them. Just don't come to this forum and propose a nanny-style solution to curb injuries in an ancient game where injuries are fairly commonplace, then get audacious and arrogant when people disagree with you.

2 seconds? And no Red Deer Lake. But yes ate lots of dirt. I think most of the injuries are caused by poor conditioning of the player himself. They do not push themselves to be in top shape. Receivers do not do as much as a linebacker or a dlineman to be in shape to ward of injuries. Try riding a bull with a broken leg, dislocated sholder or broken wrist. Now that is fun.

Very good point. The game should not change to suit your needs.

I don't think that is true at all. Recievers probably do just as much as anyone else to be ready for the season. It is all on the individual. Look at Milt, the guy treats his body like a shrine but he has still seen some injuries. Its a part of football.