Recievers' Gameday Performance

I have to say Marshall is a huge upgrade from Washington. Good move by the rider brass on this one.

I just like the way they're playing today. They finished up with the dropsies and are doing a good job today.

17/23 for 248 now after Dressler's TD. Everybody's looked good so far.

Dressler's a star.

On a side note, cut Palmer. All he does is hurt the team. I gave him time but now we're winning in spite of him.

Marshall, Walker, Dressler all had great games.

The throw the Dressler from MB was amazing. I think on that long bomb the pass was higher than the stadium!!

We need Palmer until our other Non-import receivers come back. Gerran Walker...what a catch on the second last play of the game!!! That make Highlight of the Night consideration!!

a team of rookie receivers upstage a team of vets! I think this game is one step closer to naming Ken Miller as Coach of the Year!!

X2 on that. Still the MOP for the year should be our team doctor...grin

Credit RedHead.

Credit some receivers stepping up. Aswell everyone else.

Miller or Trestman? That is hard to pick. Montreal is a lot better than anyone predicted. Trestman has done great job to.

Riders and Als would be a great grey cup. But we have to get there 1st. Calgary and Edmonton and BC are all good.

No, we don't. Hughes is coming back next week and he can be backup SB much better than Palmer.

I don't believe our so-called starters could have played better than all the "back-ups" did today. Very nice!!

Fantuz could have outplayed any of our non-imports (not knocking Bagg, but Fantuz is Fantuz). Flick could have outplayed Childs.

I keep watching all the highlights from NFL hoping they show the CFL ones.. Hah! - But the 2 amazing catches the TD to Marshall, and the second last play to Walker, highlight reel catches both of them... I'm still amazed we won =)

Childs didn't start...but I'll give you Fantuz over Bagg...except that technically, Bagg replaced Grant, not Fantuz. But my point was, as a group, they were very very good. Bagg played very well in his first start. As did Walker. Do I expect them to play that well every game? Not really. But if they do......

I hope they play like that every game. I mean why didn't we bring these guys in before when Crandell was struggling we might still have the perfect season.

Dressler 5/112
Nicolson 4/53, TD
Walker 2/11
Palmer 1/60
Cates 1/20
Marshall 1/18
Bagg 1/17
Childs 1/7

16/29, 298 yd, 1 TD

I'd like to see them step it up. I can't blame them too much with the way BC was beating the hell out of our O-Line.

Bowman/Flick/Dressler/Nicolson would be fun to watch.

i almost fell off my chair when Palmer caught the ball. (guess he was due)

We had 2 adjustments of the o-line didnt help, we'll be better next week.