Recently released Armstrong signs with Argos

Argos picked up Calvin Armstrong, and he'll be starting tomorrow. Interesting...

Great signing. The Argos O-Line is a bit banged up right now so this should definately help the O-Line open up those holes for Cory Boyd. An all-star O-linemen can only help. It's been a few weeks since Boyd has had a 100 yard game. I think he'll do it on Saturday vs BC.

I posted an article in the Toronto Argo's forum (Clemon is Boring thread) yesterday about Armstrong headed to Toronto. This one you posted Chief confirms that he has signed. Well, looks like my Cleo Lemon blow up doll may not be deflated in Empire Fields like it did at Ivor Wynne after all. :wink:

Good pick up. I thought they should have signed him the moment the lions released him.

Guess I should've specified... The Argos signed Calvin Armstrong, not Derrick.

Um, what?

I'm a Cleo Lemon fan. :smiley:

I guess you'd have to be to have a blow-up doll of him...

and I thought you were talking about chris :slight_smile:

I'd call it something else :wink:

Jack Abendschan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders will always be my stand out player no matter what. :slight_smile:

is he from shadrack meshack abendschan fame

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I assumed "recently released" would tell people which Armstrong it was. And I included his name in my original post.

oh, do tell us more 8)

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