Recently Release And Signed Players

Hey guys, i thought i would create a thread and try to keep track of all REDBLACKS roster moves: Please add if i happen to miss anything :thup:

SIGNED import wide receiver Jamill Smith ( 5-6, 155; Ball State)
RELEASED non-import safety Delroy Clarke
RELEASED import linebacker Will Heyward
RELEASED import running back Jordan Roberts
SIGNED import wide receiver Marcus Henry (6-5, 224; Kansas; last season: Edmonton Eskimos)
SIGNED import running back DJ Harper (5-9, 211: Boise State)
OTT TRF TO INJURED IMP [b]Anton MCKENZIE /b Massachusetts - to Thursday, September 4.
SIGNED import linebacker Devin Arrington (6-3, 210; Marshall)
SIGNED import offensive tackle Steven Forgette (6-4, 300; Eastern Washington)
SIGNED import defensive back / linebacker Parker Orms (5-10, 190; Colorado)
RELEASED import defensive lineman [b]Bernard Smith /b
RELEASED import quarterback Corey Leonard
REMOVED non-import defensive lineman Vincent Desloges
RELEASED import defensive end Brandon Lang
SIGNED import quarterback Alex Carder (6-2, 215; Western Michigan)
RELEASED import linebacker Brandon Denson

Speaking strictly on ex-Cats here,I'm not surprised that Heyward was cut but on the otherhand I'm a little surprised to see that Denson was released so soon.I always liked Denson when he played here,unfortunately he was stuck behind the likes of Jamal Johnson and Markeith Knowlton when he was a Cat and never really got the opportunity to be a starter.

More cuts:

RELEASED import receiver[b]D.J. Woods /b
RELEASED import receiver Jason Bruce (Troy State)
RELEASED import defensive back Elijah Lee (Charleston Southern)
RELEASED import defensive back Ryan Lacy (Utah)

[b]Slimjim wrote:Ti-Cats don't have a big play guy like Woods,he's going to be rookie of the year :D [/b]
[b]Released:Import receiver D.J. Woods-Cincinnati [/b]What happened to your "Rookie of the year" Slimjim ? :wink: Perhaps the RB's have better receivers in camp than you and I thought,better pick another candidate for the award :) there Jimbo !!!! On another note I see yet another ex Cat has bit the dust that being Ryan Lacy__db,no real surprise there,he was a marginal player at best and only played a few games while he was in Hamilton.

Le Rouge et Noir est une équipe d'expansion. Il est donc normal de voir beaucoup de va et vient durant le camp d'entraînement car ils ont moins de joueurs établis.

Je trouve que cette équipe se construit bien, ce qui montre qu'elle a du personnel compétent pour la bâtir. Je les crois capables de terminer au 3ième rang dans l'Est.

Marcus Henry out of all of the receivers has the most upside to have a break through type season. has played the last few years in EDM as the 4th International receiver behind Stamps,Bowman, and Koch, where he saw substancial PT while one of the starters were injured. They did go to him alot in their first every game. He had three catches for decent yards a few drops and/or tough passes to catch which could be cleaned up over a bit more rime working with Buttis.

Jamill Smith looks like he has the potential to be among the exciting returners. I think it was key that he is a natural punt returner. A true rookie with 2014 being his first pro season I believe really gives him a lot of room to get even better.
One of the 3 phases of the game that Ottawa could, with some good coaching and right personnel, return and coverage teams is a place where they can be among the best right away.

Yeah, Smith looked good last night.

They seemed to use him vs. SASK in many different situations.

He did punt & returns, made a couple catches, and also ran the ball once or twice, i believe.

I also thought DJ Harper looked good, i would give you the stats, but CFL website doesn’t have em.

I know he busted a 26 or 28 yard run and was making people miss in the limited carries he got.

Should be interesting to see who will be cut next.

Just to add - I forgot to mention Jerrell Gavins, who i thought played his men very well and notably broke up a couple plays with pass defections.

TJ Hill a waiver wire pick up looked pretty good at a tough position SAMLB in which he has a lot of starting expereince.
Rookie 1st round Pick Pruneau looks like he will start his career as a back up safety to Fraser while playing teams. Good way for him to start his career. I could see him become a ratio breaker Field CB in his future. he has the physical speed but will need to catch up to the huge jump in speed of the CFL receivers and CIS receivers.

4 more players cut today: (18 minutes ago)

RELEASED import defensive back Chika Madu (Nicholls State)
RELEASED import defensive back Larry Parker (San Diego State)
RELEASED non-import wide receiver Garrett Burgess (University of Saskatchewan)
RELEASED import running running back Eric O'Neal (Coastal Carolina)

OTT ADD IMP Brett MAHER (K) Nebraska

You got a good one here. If you can afford to keep an import kicker on your roster, he will be your man for years to come.

Ottawa has shaped its roster to where using an import kicker at at least one of the kicking spots is possible.
Ratio 5 on offense at least 3 on oLine maybe 4. REC TE Lavoi/delahunt WR Jackson or other.
Defense DT Sholo/Evans S Fraser/ Pruneau

D International likely 2nd RB extra DB
D International Flexible. Return specialist, REC, Kicker

Thanks for the update.

You have to think he will win the job as he's already 4-4 in FG's while Palardy is 1-2.

We also have Paulo Henriques on the roster , but he may lose out just because he's been hurt all camp.

If they still think enough of Henriques the shorter new 6 game IR could bean option. Another Canadian kicker on the younger side could also make sense, one of whom is more of a punting specialist and would accept a practice roster spot.
With the rosters expanding to 42 one extra National and International player would open space for more teams to specialize more in punting and place kicking. I would look for more National kicker to begin to specialize more in punting seeing teams with top kicking games using a National punter ex. Calgary, SASK