Recently Relased Wide Reciever??

Hey, my friend and i were talking about the lions and he said that they just recently released a wide reciever. I can't rememeber who he's talking about, could anybody who knows the lion's roster well please give me a name? Thanks

Acree was released on Thursday. . .that who you're thinking of?

could be… but i don’t think so, he might have only been one of their practice guys

maybe Cutolo

That is a bit of a surprise given that Tony Simmons is injured and gone for this year I assume.

What was behind this? Bringing someone else in? No progress or did the player (who I liked in pre-season) want to go?

I agree with you that letting Acree go is a surprise...considering he was the first import backup to any injury to Myers or Simon. Acree had great speed....4.45 in the 40 and had been around since training camp. Not sure what could have been behind this.....either Wally thinks he can get a better reciever following NFL cuts or Acree didn't want to stick around any longer. Acree, at least knew the Leos system and had practice reps with the quarterbacks.

It'll be interesting to see who the Leos bring in to sign. Myers played well in his last two games although I still miss Simmons...oh well...gotta move forward.

FYI, in case you haven't heard, Acree was added to the practice roster today.

I guess it was just some roster movement. They like this guy and I did hear Wally Buono say good things about him recently so he will be here.

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Could it be A Risen coming in.