Recent signings

I think it was great that we signed Rolle as he should be a starter on most teams at corner or half and it gives us some insurance in case Frankie Williams cannot be signed.

I think the Okafor signing was significant as he has proven that he can step in at tackle or guard and get the job done.

Adeleke was a must sign as he is likely the best national safety in the cfl and could play sam or another db spot in a pinch.

The Masoli signing gives us the best one two punch in the CFL and we can work with him and watch him closely from now on until training camp. We have no need to rush him back since we have Evans.

Watford was the right signing as he brings so much athleticism in 3rd and short situations. I think Moore was looking good but Evans would appear to be our QB of the future.

I have mixed emotions about the Howsare signing as he is not a game changer like Davis and I think Mauldin has the bigger upside. If we don’t sign Davis then we are in trouble.

I like the Daly signing as he has proven he can start at safety and does well on special teams . What he lacks in speed and strength he makes up for it in great ball and play sense and experience and a great team mate
Ted Laurent was a good signing mainly because even though he is past his prime he is still head and shoulders above most national DT’s .


Rolle is a very good dback and probably comes with a reasonable salary. Very good signing as I don’t like our chances getting Frankie Williams back.

Filer was solid last year, nice to see the local guys have a solid career with one team.

Mgmt is doing a solid job so far in resigning players, don’t recall so many re-signings before free agency in past years. No doubt we will lose some big names but have a lot of decent second year guys that will step up if given the chance