Recent Q&A with Bob

I don't recall seeing this posted earlier. The article doesn't have a date, but I would guess it's from some time in the past two weeks (prior to Bob's recent letter to the Mayor).

[url=] ... young.html[/url]

wow...Great find! :thup:

Too bad most of the people of Hamilton didn't read it either.

Great article. I enjoyed reading that.

Thanks for sharing!

It was done at the beginning of August.

It's a great little paper, independant, with only about a circulation of 30,000, done monthly.

I wish it could be publishly more often.

It seems Better then the Spec.

Yes, great find safety, thanks!

Onknight wrote:It seems Better then the Spec.

Well, the Spec has had opinion pieces with Bob as author. But more commercial newspapers as the Spec are more tied in with a political agenda and need more sensationalistic type headlines to sell newspapers.

Waxy's, the little deli on King St., had a copy of this when I went down there for a sandwich last week. It was very nice to read a piece about Bob Young that didn't call him a greedy capitalist.

Side note, the sandwiches at Waxy's are great. I advise people to go try it out if you haven't already.

This was an amazing read!

Too bad the Speculator is so coloured by WH sunglasses that they wouldn't have done something like this as well. I guess it would have harder to "sell" their WH agenda with their readership. How I wish there was competition in Hamilton for daily newspapers. It almost seems undemocratic that the Speculator would not show both sides to the debate.

Will Do :thup: The power of advertising at work :wink: