Recent New Moncton Stadium video posted on YOU TUBE

Go to You tube , and punch in MONCTON NEW STADIUM and scroll down to New Stadium2. mp4

it looks like a poor mans version of ivor wynne
waste of taxpayer money

If they added some more seats it might look better, there is a reason why the CFL has not expanded to the Maritimes yet.

they need rich owner to go in and build a 30,000 seat stadium from scratch, like they are doin g in winnipeg, that is going to be one of the best looking stadiums in canada, not like the new bc place is going to look like, a ugly version of bc place with a retractble roof. Hell even empire field will look better than that.

Looks damn good for 9 million bucks.

Here’s the link for the lazy board members

Well it came down to money 24 million, but they sold almost 21,000 tickets to the Esks/ Argo game . I will be there and for the city of Moncton its a good facility but it would be hard to expand because on the smaller side being so close to the recreation centre. Their putting in over 10,000 temporary seats in the end zones. But I believe the commissioner is doing the right thing promoting and exposing the CFL live in the region, its a good marketing move, ALTHOUGH I FEEL BAD FOR THE TORONTO FANS LOSING A HOME GAME! It will be interesting to see what CFL team losing a home game next yr. because I here it`s a five yr deal Moncton sold out the game in 32 hrs!

I agree that this is a Good Thing, and we shouldn't poo-poo it or rain on Moncton's parade. They built it when no other city in the region could manage to. It's a small start, but it's a start nevertheless. This can only lead to more CFL in the Atlantic somewhere down the road.

It's great really and good on the city and whoever else put money into it. We have to face facts that it's tough as nails to build stadiums in this country, unless investors see a profit and there just isn't much profit in stadiums so it seems, take what you can get and be happy it's not a 1500 wooden bench $25,000 buck stadium.

I can tell you from looking at this stadium, I'd rather watch a game there than the Rogers Centre 9 times out of 10. Not that if I lived in Toronto I wouldn't be a season ticket holder for the Argos there, of course I would, but just about any football specific stadium has to beat a stadium for football that was built with baseball mainly in mind. The Moncton Stadium will not be a dinosaur for a long time for football while the Rogers Centre for football, after the 3 year lease is up and what I'm hoping will lead to a stadium for the Argos and or TiCats, could be a dinosaur for football except for the odd Argo game like the Als do at the Big O and a Grey Cup or an odd NFL game here and there.

Really? I thought it was more a case of "this year you only need 8 fillings instead of 9...".

Oh, and next year's team to lose a home game will be the Tabbies. Bet on it.

I am not sad, Argo's gave us the new cheap seats in the south end of the dome (Blues) for $161 per seat for this season...

if they didn't do this, I probably wouldn't have become a season ticket holder...

There will be massive upgrades if a CFL team moved there full time.
Regardless, it will be an asset to that city and province.
Kudos to Moncton!

i agree if a full time team cam there there would be a vry nice looking stadium 30,000 seats. but it would have to serve the coumminity all year round like bc place does. or it would not be worth building. that is going to be the big decission were that other CFL team goes for expansion.

A very nice CIS stadium. They should have a CIS program playing in there asap.

Unfortunately and not to rain on you parade Moncton, way too small and nothing more than a good looking high school size stadium.

Wow! They have really big hs stadiums in ontario. :roll:

What kind of highschool did you come from?

The Moncton stadium is miles ahead of TD Waterhouse stadium, here in London, and the Western Mustangs are one of the best football programs in the entire CIS. See if you could name one CIS stadium (that isn't shared with a CFL team) better than the Moncton stadium. PEPS in Quebec might be the only one with a shot, and Laval is without a doubt THE best CIS team in recent history.

Also, and I know for a fact that a business group from out west (I wanna say 2004?) had some proposal to put a team in London and use TD waterhouse as at least a temporary venue. If TD waterhouse can be a temporary venue, then I see no reason why the Moncton stadium couldn't be a permanent stadium. Could you plunk a CFL team down in it tomorrow? Of course not, but I think with some upgrades, it has great potential.

If anything, the Moncton stadium reminds me of Saputo stadium in Montreal.

Yes, it looks like Moncton has set the ground work, the seeds if you will, to take the stadium to the next level should a CFL team be possible in the future there. That's all we can ask for as cities with CIS teams look to upgrade or create new stadiums. TD Waterhouse in London may have fallen a bit short of this ground work but not too far short perhaps if people are looking at it.

I can see by the end of the decade our ten team league play a regular season game a year in Moncton and London. Rotating teams each season.

There are strong similarities between the two as the same design and the same general contractor (Pomerleau) built both. The Moncton stadium has individual seating something most small stadiums do not have. The ground is likely clay and digging down is not a problem down here so expanding this stadium to 25-28 k is certainly possible. Huge parking. I mean huge... Indoor practice facilities, sports medicine facilities...

Regarding a CIS program, the school will need someone to get involved like they did in Quebec City. UofM does not have the finances to build a football program. They've cut just about every CIS program last year. Worst case the Mount Allison football team should move its home games to the stadium. I think we will see discussions for the use of the stadium ramp up after the game in September.

Many people have suggested Quebec City expand PEPS stadium for a CFL team. Moncton Stadium is far superior to Peps in my opinion, so what gives?
This stadium is exactly the same as saputo stadium in Montreal, which will look very different when expanded for the MLS team. The same could happen in Moncton.