Recent Moves Add More Speculation

With the release of Samuels (which i think was a mistake, wasn't it Campbell who released him from EDM?) and the addition of two new linebackers, we can speculate that Charlton and Hall won't be re-signed, and/or if they are then we will have too many Linebackers.

This leaves only one thing open - a trade is in the works involving a linebacker and possibly Glenn? can it be Simpson or Moreno in the mix? maybe re-sign Charlton and/or Hall and move one of them. To be quite honest, i don't like Campbell as a coach to begin with, only reason he is a coach is cause his daddy was, i think the guy is a brainless idiot, which leaves me to question Kelly and his coaching staff decisions.

I was all for Kelly, but with some of the recent moves and non-resignings, i am losing faith in this staff already. I hope i am wrong and i hope Kelly makes some BOLD moves very quick, cause as of right now i see no improvement in the player's we have!!

Yes we have the cash for FREE AGENTS, but there are still alot of question marks, why so many linebackers? What's happening to Glenn? What is Milt going to do? Why don't we re-sign PICARD already (he is a must)? Why release Samuels? The guy was the only player who smacked people around last year!! What about a kicker? what are we going to get in free agency with the Sheridan and possibly Glenn and Milt CASH? Better be quality players, cause that's alot of extra cash. What is up with Tom Canada and his health?

All these questions leave me to believe that there is a major trade in the works involving Glenn, Canada, Moreno or Simpson and/or The BB'S are doing what every other team is doing (talking to free agents before the deadline). Hope Kelly makes the right moves within the next 2 weeks or we are heading for another year of dissapointment, prove me wrong Kelly!! :cowboy:

....I am getting a little concerned as well.,bluengold,..You never like to push the panic button but things are starting to really go down to the wire....Too many questions unaswered and its getting late in the game....Unless Kelly has a few smooth moves up his sleeve, i think we could be behind the eight-ball in a few positions....The defensive secondary needs a remake...the kicking game was left in the lurch at the end of 08... important fas unsigned...I know we have some new staff in the hiring positions but it seems to me they are leaving a lot of holes to fill and failing a major movement of players in a trade or fa. these worries are only going to increase....Something better break soon and definitely by Feb. 16..... :roll:

Has me worried too and the funny thing about this is he was the other in the running when reinbold signed on and he destroyed are team Kelly is looking alot like Reinbold...

Hate The releasing of Samuels like you guys said he was the only 1 smacking people i'm not sure if he lead the team in INT's but was at least in the top 3 on our team and only played half a season... We can only speculate tho but maybe Samuels was due for a big bonus so he might be back yet.. I just don't understand the releasing of all these players when we don't have proven back-ups for them with the exception of getting rid of Glenn because that opens alot of cap space and he's already on his downward spiral.

I don't know, I kinda like some of the moves so far. SS was strictly business, a suspect knee and a bonus coming due, good luck to him where ever he ends up.

As usual, I'll reserve judgment until training camp opens.

I will say this, I think we are going to see one aggressive and nasty defense, can't say what the offense will be like.

I have no problem so far with any of the player moves. Reviewing last season I figure that the number one need is for heavier D backs. Our crew has been very talented but undersized. Samuels was just one of many who tried their best but injured themselves far too often. A lot of that could be that these guys have little tackling skill and always seemed to want to lay out a guy with a "big hit".

I see that the first two signings are guys from MK's main contact areas , a mid-west school and the Redskins. By training camp we should see a whole new D backfield that may not be as fast, but 20 lbs heavier per position. Kindly Cal taught us that mid-west and southern trained players have a lot of desire and are very coachable.

With the addition of Moreno the MGBs are just one LB short for running a 3-4. One of the new recruits could be the missing piece as we already have what a 3-4 would need on the D line.

I do think the idea of a 3/4 defence is workable in Winnipeg with the personnel.

The line would have Ellis and Walls on the ends, Doug Brown as NT.............and I have little doubt that Brown could handle that quite well.

MIddle LBs would be Simpson and Moreno with Lobendahn as backup; OLBs would be any combination of Hall, Charlton, and the new guys, depending on who re-signs.

So it might work. Does anyone know if the new DC has any experience at running a 3/4?

Well I guess we can scratch the 3/4 idea; speaking of Tom Canada’s release, Kelly said:

"Bomber head coach Mike Kelly said. "We’re really excited about the play of (defensive ends) Kai Ellis and Gavin Walls. “Shawn Mayne will fit in well with Doug Brown and Tyrone Williams on the inside, and Tom just didn’t fit into our plans.”

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Sure sounds like a 3/4 isn’t in the works.

Loved Canada’s comment at the end of that article:

“Have to let it all sink in before I say anything stupid.”

He should have said, I think, “have to let it all sink in OTHERWISE I MIGHT SAY SOMETHING stupid.” As phrased, he’s promising to say something stupid after it sinks in.

Personally I think releasing Tom Canada was a HUGE mistake, he was under contract, so if they are trying to move Glenn, why not throw Canada in the mix and get something more for Glenn? The Glenn trade, all we are going to see is a couple high picks AT BEST, we need player's to help us WIN NOW.

Something tells me Canada will be picked up by another team and haunt us every time we play that team, he'll play his a$$ off just to prove the Bombers made THIS HUGE MISTAKE, our QB'S better watch out for Canada when this does happen!!

....just speculating here...but a packaged trade ..Glenn and Canada...couldn't happen IF the story out there is true..... that Glenn will be headed to the hammer...Tommy already shot that possible deal down ,with his remarks about Hamilton last year...I could see Glenn and another player, though, heading to the Cats....If you read Canadas' latest remarks about being released...he sounds quite put-out about the situation....however he goes on to say how he loves Costa Rica, surfing, and the pretty ladies on the beach....Sounds to me like he might call it a day....never know with Tommy though :roll:

Unless Glenn is traded before his bonus is due (start of March), the trade will never happen. Winnipeg is crazy if they want to pay a bonus to a player they have publically stated that they don't want. The same thing happened with Canada...he was cut loose before his bonus was to be paid out. So Hamilton will either trade for Glenn now and pay the bonus, or simply wait for the Bombers to inevitably cut Glenn before his bonus is due, then negotiate a new contract with Glenn to play in Hamilton. I'm betting the latter scenario will happen.

Mike Kelly already blew this situation with his big mouth. Hey, didn't he also blow the Taman situation with his big mouth?

Are you noticing a disturbing pattern here, Bomber fans?

...depends on how you want to look at it...I hardly think speaking the truth about the Taman situation is 'blowing it'....The Cats aren't the only club in the league my friend....matter of fact there has been some interest from the other Ontario team....Glenn said he'd be just as happy there....depends on what is best for the Bombers as well...Glenn as a back-up in T.O. works ...but we know Obie would luv to have him....whatever.... :smiley:

Ok now the Bombers sign another running back Rodny "something", can't remember. This may spell the end of the Reid/Smith era, it is quite possible one of those two (probably Smith) may be included in a package deal along with Glenn, never know!!

Free Agent deadline is coming fast and i've seen minimal signings by the Bombers (Walls and Reid, Cvetcovitch) are the main ones, if Kelly let's Picard go through Free Agency, then he is not as smart as people Think, we need a hard nosed center and they are hard to come by, hope they sign Picard before Monday (Free Agency 1ST day). I realy do not know what Kelly is thinking at this point, if he can replace such needed players, then OK, but if not we may be headed the wrong way once again, which i hope is not the case as a die hard BB fan.

…I think the Bombers plans are to get Obby Khan back to centre (just my take) and if he is a 100 per cent we won’t suffer a loss at all at the centre spot …Obby just has to get his long snaps where they should be and we’re good to go The bigblue might be taking a chance here…we’ll see…Add Sleightholm to the o line (this guy is a monster and really impressed me last year)…and we have the makings of a sound ‘hog’ line…I believe Gauthier is as good as gone but you never know he might have a re-think when he sees the calibre of team he might be headed for :roll: Picard would be a loss but not irreplaceable…Taman made a mistake with the o line guys last year…signing Sheridan to a contract that he couldn’t/wouldn’t honour…We aren’t gonna make that mistake again…If guys like Picard want to head somewhere else for a few bucks more…good luck to them…I agree with Kelly …i would prefer guys who actually want to play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers… :wink: