Recent Games Show CFL Needs One More Week of Exhibition

The first few weeks of the CFL season were dreadful. The last few weeks have been outstanding. Seems teams have hit thier stride.

I think to avoid the embarssment those first few weeks created, the league has to have one more week of exhibition games, to allow teams an extra week to work out the kinks. Even better, this extra week could be played in non CFL cities.
To help spread the CFL gospel.

But to see how the games have improved exponentially with each passing week shows these teams need more practice time before the season starts. It would be better for the players, and the fans.

Easy to agree with you. Fans who love the CFL wouldn't mind more games. From a business view, more games generate more revenue. Also exhibition games allow for experimenting in non-CFL cities.

A third "Neutral site" game is a good idea to expose the product to new CFL fans. I think you would also have the Coachs on your side.

I think the stumbling block would be the CFLPA. Remember the players dont get paid (other than per diems) for exhibition games. That will be the toughest group to convice.

Possible third game sites?

Kelowna, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Numerous Ontario locations, numerous Maritime locations and Quebec City.

Pre-season games lose money which is the reason why they lost the extra pre-season games years ago in the first place. Non-CFL cities could work but you could only do 1 or 2 games total. (not every team having one). You need to find a promoter in another city to assume some of the risk, or have the league handle it all. Neither of which is an easy sell.