Recent Decima Poll

The Toronto Star published a story on that Decima poll last week, but there was no mention of the CFL.

I emailed Randy Starkman of the STar, who wrote that article, and asked where the Argos and CFL stood in this poll.

He emailed me back and said beleive it or not the ARogs and CFL weren't included in the poll. But tennis was!?

So there's no info on where the cFL and Argos stand in Toronto, even though they're a major team in Tornoto? Makes you shake your head, don't it?

I would like to comment, but without the poll question details and results, how can you? I think the Argos should have been included, but to the pro-NFL sports media in Toronto that would have been sacrelige.

We were all saying how the NFL get's top billing while the CFL wasn't even mentioned in passing. When the issue being football, this is a gross misjustice and typical of Toronto style American journalism.