Recent Additions and Departures

Here is Ken "Jeepers Creepers" Peters

Hamilton Spectator article

for today October 5th 2007

Ticat Airlifts Reminiscent of
Boatmen Era of Uncertainty.

Marcel is trying to trade import OT Jerome Davis

He sent import WR Darnerien McCants packing
possibly until the 2008 training camp.

and signed import receiver Rashaun Woods
and a new running back -- Antwoine Bagwell

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Can anyone explain what Ken means by
The Boatman Era of Uncertainty?

After using it as his title
Ken never refers to it again.

That's Kenny for ya LOL

Ask the Editors at the Spec.

The writer doesn't give the headline.

What likely happened is that one Editor read the article and gave it the headline. It then went to another Editor at another desk to fit it into the paper. At some point THAT editor trimmed the article down to fit the space available and he probably removed the reference to the Argos without connecting it to the Headline.

It's quite fun to watch a newsroom going full-tilt (though not as much fun as in the days before computers on every desk).

I was aware that the writer doesn't get final say
on the headline used on his article, Mark.

Giving Ken the benefit of the doubt,

if he included enough background material
to explain the headline reference adequately,

there must have been a boatload
of material trimmed from the article.

I might have been interesting to read.

My memory fails me as to when this
Boatmen Era of Uncertainty was.

While not a fan of our friend Kenny, I have to give him the Editors and the Spec their dues for that headline, you guys must all be puppies not to remember the great Argo Airlifts of the 70's and early 80's, it was nothing to see 10 new faces a week fly into Argo land then out again, The Sept Argo Airlift was as traditional as the Grey Cup game they didnt get to play in every year.

It's hazy but I think I recall that now, justafan.

Sort of a garbage in; garbage out sorta thing,

The Cats had been successful before that
bringing in post-Labour Day NFL cuts

with far fewer players coming and going,

although I can't for the life of me remember
any of the names of those outstanding players.

I hope you aren't referring to the Ticats when you say you can't remember the names of those outstanding players.

Just in case here are the names of a few who were airlifted in, in 1961 to Ticats:
Garney Henley
Don Sutherin
Ellison Kelly
Ron Ray
Bronko Nagurski
Gene Gossage
George Scott
Larry Hickman
and I am missing a few.

8) 1967...... Stewart "Smokey" Stover. :thup: