Receiving Stats Expanded


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What would we do without stats!! I guess it does give losing teams and fans hope.
It's like when your team loses and someone will say "at least we had a receiver that got 200 yards" or "I know we lost but our RB ran for 150 yards"
they will find more stats to make people happy. I think some people would like it if we had 5 receivers over 1,000 yards and 2 RBs over 1,000, led the league in sacks..............but we didn't make the

There is only ONE stat that I'm interested in WINS

I like stats.I like when we win and I like when we have a few players that are tops or near tops in the league.It's good for extra bragging rights and it's great to see who's performing and who's not.Give's fans a player to cheer for and coaches and player to cut for someone better.ILY stats :thup:

Oh and I also like looking at stats to see who's potential future HOF's and/or record breakers.