receiving corps

How would you rate the receivers and slotbacks?

Cahoon's the best in the league. Thyron Anderson will never be a Copeland, but he's strong. Stala's been a disappointment, but I believe he's one "break-out" game away from re-assuming last year's pace.
I think Watkins will be good but never great.
Gerard and WIlson will be reasonably reliable off the bench.
There won't be four 1,000-yard receivers this year. The corps will be good, but not spectacular.

Now that Terrence Edwards is healthy, I’d like to see him replace Stala until the latter is fully healthy. I like Stala but he is not helping the team right now. He seems very conscious of his injury any time he has to make a catch and it’s affecting his concentration. He can’t stretch both arms up for passes and he can’t make tough catches in traffic because he’s worried about getting hit. He is not contributing right now. Edwards deserves a shot. I’d even like to see that guy Davis again.

If the receivers don’t step up, the only guy who’s going to go over 1000 yards this year is Ben Cahoon. Right now, teams are blanketing him because they know our other receivers aren’t threats. The other guys have to establish themselves as legitimate scoring threats if the passing game is going to get on track this season.

I’ve decided that I hate Thyron Anderson because he ALWAYS GIVES UP ON LONG ROUTES. Twice last week Calvillo aired it out and twice Anderson was nowhere near the ball because he’d already lazily broken off his route, figuring there was no way the QB would come back to the backside option. :roll: Goddamn it, get your butt in gear, Anderson, and don’t quit on a play.

Watkins had a decent game last week, showed his strengths: speed and the ability to pile up big yards after catch. Now he needs to get open more and stop dropping the football.

Not sure why Girard isn’t being turned loose down the field. He’s a fast wideout who’s wasted in a dink and dunk scheme.

Can we release O’Neill Wilson already?

I think we got a good receiving corps and really Calvillo can almost will receivers to 1000 yard seasons (eg. watkins last year) so its hard ot say how good our receivers really are but I would like to see Anderson step it up since he has all the tools to be a success.

Hopefully watkins will continue with what he did last week because it was by far his best game of the year.

Cahoon will be the anchor of this receiving corps as long as he can still stand. Watkins is steady but not getting open like he did last year. Anderson is bordering on greatness but needs to shake the inconsistency. Stala could be the missing piece of the puzzle but instead is the receiving corpse. Edwards could emerge as the go to guy as the defences key on the known threats. Calvillo makes great players out of good players but they need to execute to realize the success. I'm not giving up on the receivers but it's good that Robert Edwards is getting it done on the ground. Go Als!!!!!!!

Cahoon is an obvious gem. He's got hands of glue, is never afraid to leap for a ball in heavy traffic, doesn't fumble and can at time become invisible to the defense although he's our #1 threat. If he was fast, he would have left for the NFL at some point.

Thyrone Anderson has height, strenght and speed. Alas, he constantly shows us how the lack of heart can kill drives. Would he accept the fact he'll be hit and it might hurt, he could be a premier WR in this league. I'll cut him some slack because he tried a little more last game, but I am yet to be impressed. He has to much potential to play like an average guy.

Kerry Watkins has heart, speed and is on time where he's supposed to be when the ball gets there. It kills me that he drops so much. You can see the guy loves the game and hate himself everytime he drops. But man, it happens way too often. Pros should not drop more than once in a game.

Stala's case is hard to explain. I think Disciplineandpunish summed it best. He can be a reliable target once he start worrying about the ball instead of his health.

Wilson... I have ask for his departure every year since he got here. In 2006, he seems less brutal than before, but he's still just Wilson.

Mini-Edwards looks okay. I haven't seen enough of him to have a precise opinion, but he seems like a good route runner and a speedster. By the way, wasn't that the worst possible time to be offside last week?... He cancelled what would have been the winning TD pass...

Girard has great speed and good hands. But he is made of glass. One big tackle and he's out for the count. Plus, he's a predictable route runner. Nobody bites on his baits, which makes him a well covered target all the time despite his speed.

I wonder if we'll ever see Shaun Diner at WR. He has yet to catch a pass in the CFL (although he has one interception!).

What Calvillo should do more to open the passing game is throw more often to thight ends. Both Piercy and Vilimek have good hands, and boy !, have you ever seen how Stewart works for every yards when he's used as a thight end? A horse. An angry horse ! I believe he misses being used as an offensive threat and wants to make the most of every little opportunity he gets.

Third, I agree about Watkins. He's got dedication and passion, no question, but hands of stone. If he could just hang onto the ball, he'd be an elite receiver in this league.

And Girard ... man, I've tried to give him a chance over the past few years, but the guy is always hurt. He's worse than Lapointe used to be in terms of injury. After this season, cut him loose. No point keeping a guy on the roster who's made of glass and who can't even get open on the rare occasions when he isn't injured.

I think major changes to our receiving corps are coming in the offseason. This current group just isn't cutting it.

I think Watkins and Anderson both had their best games last week; here's hoping they can keep it up. If Stala can get things going, and we use T Edwards a little more, we're going to be fine at receiving.

The thing about Watkins is that, when he has a bad game, the next game he'll respond by having a terrific game.

Anderson, gives up a lot. He stops running etc. I think he might be a little disappointed to be back here, after his dreams were shattered twice by the N.F.L. I feel as though he just doesn't want to be in this league, because he thinks he is "too good" for the C.F.L.

I love Cahoon, Stala, T. Edwards (The games that he played).

Time to give Landry some playing time on the offence!! :wink: :smiley:

Yeah, we should start Landry as a receiver on those games when Calvillo sends the ball too close to the ground all the time. It's too low for most receivers, but Landry would get it in the numbers.

I was actually kind of serious :wink: Reverses, WR Screens, or just to draw the attention of the defences..

It happened already, but when you see Landry on the field, it is so predictable. They’d have to send him on the field sometimes for no reason. Because as it is, everytime he was on offence, he was involved on the play.