Receiving Corps Sucks

The only guy playing with intensity and consistency is Dressler and he's always double teamed. Getzlaf, Clermont and Nunn all dropped catchable passes in critical situations. There is no excuse for these lapses in attention and performance. You know why AC is so good - he has receivers who always make what Trestman calls the contested catch - AC doesn't have to be perfect on every throw - get the ball in a catchable zone even in tight coverage and his guys come down with the ball. Dressler is the only guy who seems to fight for the ball in tight coverage. Several of Durant's intercptions in previous games could have been avoided if our receivers had gone for the ball instead of giving up when it looked like they couldn't catch it. I think
these guys have the talent but I am beginning to question their desire. These guys are professional atletes being paid good salaries and if they aren't going to do the job then bring in someone who will instead of holding out hope for the return of Fantuz
We could be 1 and 6 by the time he returns if that does happen this year.

they also need to quit looking for the PI calls before the ball even gets to them. Just go for it and see what happens. geez!

as for fantuz....he'll likely at least make their practice squad and by the time he comes back here, next yr or the yr after, Sask will be in the tank and he'll want to play elswhere.

You got that right. We have to consider Fantuz gone and if he ever comes back - bonus. In the meantime the status quo is not good enough to make the playoffs.

I don't think Andy will be back in the CFL. The Bears can actually really use him. He is their largest wide out and they just lost their TE.

Clermont's drop...okay, he dropped one. JC has some of the best hands in the happens. Hey Dressle dropped a really bad one last week.
Nunn...well, that would have been an amazing catch. adjusted rout, leaning backwards, then kinda diving sideways...yes it was catchable, but also an understandable miss.
Getzlaf...well, I have expressed myself more than enough on this matter the past 2 seasons.

The bigger concern is that these guys aren't getting open with the exception of Dressler. Is there any word on when Koch will be back? It's a sad state of affairs when we are hoping for a guy with less than half a season under his belt to return.

:thup: :thup:

Yeah, something is up with the receivers this year.

Getzlaf had stand out games occassionally but we're still waiting for him to step up. Any time now Chris.

Clermont is still starting plays as a WR. That is very confusing to me. Why isn't he doing short slot routes? That's what he's built for. He's only one of the best SB's to ever wear a Lions' jersey.

Nunn seems pretty good, but he's a rookie (I think). We can't expect him to lead the team, yet. I bet he doubles his productivity bey the end of the season.

Hill is decent, kinda' like Nunn. But not really impressive. I will patiently wait for him to change my mind.

Koch has less than a season of starts, yes, but he looked better than any of the guys who have less games played. Plus, he seems to play with a passion and intensity that is hard to come by.

Neil Hughes needs to be utilized more often, perhaps opposite to Clermont. I mean as a TE or SB, not a WR.

Dressler is wee and fantastic but we need others to perform like him. Pass it to Wes, pass it to Wes.

Who's our receiver's coach?

I don't think any defence in the league worries about our group of receivers. Dressler is the only one that is consistent and capable of big plays. Defences know how to stop the riders now: stop the run (if Cates is playing); contain Durant (who apparently doesn't need containing anymore); and cover Dressler. At least our D is now coming along.

I think at this stage of his career his slow speed keeps him outside. If you put him at slot it means a guy like Dressler or Getzlaf has to move outside. You're wasting a fast guy's speed by not letting him run at the line. It's a lot easier to jam a wideout who is stationary at the snap, but who wants to jam Clermont anyways? Little guys like Dress and Getz are harder to jam if they can run at the line. Plus with Clermont's strong body and experience he can let the slots and backs run underneath him on screens.

I don't think they suck. Sure, Montreal and Edmonton are clearly more talented at the moment, maybe even Hamilton, but would you rather have Toronto's cast of unknowns? or BC's awful dropsies? Even Winnipeg's Edwards is more of a 1 man show than Dress. Most of TJ Harris' yards are sloppy tackling after catch.

So sure I'd like the receivers to be better, but comparatively at least they're not so bad, and with Bagg, Wheelwright and Koch all on the 9 game at least ONE of them should be back by October (probably not Bagg).

I think the receivers are fine. There are a lot of injuries and so new faces. I think that as players come in from the 9g we will look better. Rough way to start...9 on the do you plan for that?!?

Neil Hughes is a full back, it's nice to see them utilize him now and again to catch the other team off guard, but he is in no way shape or form a receiver. It would be a huge mistake to line him up as a WR or SB.

I've got to think that the offensive system is worse than the receivers. Remember when everyone expected such big things out of Prechae Rodriguez last year and he fizzled? The same thing is happening with Terrence Nunn, where that short side wide receiver is not being used to that receiver's strengths. Cary Koch could do it because it suited his skill set, but not these guys. I'm afraid that it'll probably continue like that until Berry is gone.

I truly feel that it is our offensive scheme that's killing everyone.

the talent is there but they are just not being used properly.

For the love of god, no kidding.

I'm saying that Hughes does great on short passes. But we only see it once every 2 or 3 games. It should be a regular part of the scheme and force defences to worry about an extra formation, instead of preparing only for shotgun 5-wide and shotgun 4-wide, which is pretty much all we run these days. :thup:

That may be the case but it still doesn't excuse all the dropped passes and lack of intensity the receiving corps has shown to date - with the exception of Dressler.

ya.. those dropped passes must stop.

I think the reason it works so well is because it's used so little. He seems to only get balls thrown his way when we're on the goal line or down inside the 30 of the opposing teams end. Use him too much and I think we lose this play. He's not fast enough to be much more than a situational receiver out of the backfield. I'd much rather see them give Hughes the ball on short yardage over a guy like Charles though.

Sounds like Robinson will be starting or at least dressed against BC. I wonder who will get bumped.