Due a roster bonus tomorrow, cut by twitter message today!

I think he would love to sign with us!!!!!
Popp tells Zimmerman to release him with a twitter message. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Released via text message by the assistant GM smh... Way to keep it classy #Argos

I disagree with you about Aprile's abilities. He is at best a Special Teams blocker/tackler, and he is a horrible receiver.

You got it!

Je vais prendre votre opinion au sérieux. Vous l'avez certainement vu plus que moi. Pour ce que j'avais vu de lui, il me semblait décent. Peut-être pas bon, mais décent.

Si je comprends votre jugement, la conclusion était correcte : du renfort chez les receveurs nationaux pourrait être bienvenu.

We don't even know IF he can catch . He's been here three years and IF and it's a big IF ever does actually catch a pass this year, it will be his first actual catch he's ever made . I'm not a big Aprile fan either , the guy has missed 30 games in his 3 years here and when he has been given the opportunity to start has proven that he couldn't catch a cold let alone a football. Trust me IF we do have to start Watt and IF he ever goes down and the next best thing as a replacement is Aprile then we are in serious trouble . We need to desperately draft this Vandervoort kid out of Mac with out 1rst round 4th pick in this upcoming draft.

I agree with Grover regarding the Sinkfield situation. Watch the Vikings draft to get a clue about how they feel about their Dbs. If their first couple of picks are cornerbacks, then they will be eventually starting over a Sinkfield or any other free agents. If the Vikes don't draft Dbs, then obviously they must be happy with the players already in camp.

Displaying his versatility has got to be a bonus for Sinkfield. I wish him well in Minny but I'm hoping he returns to the Cats. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Our NAT receivers are awful. Watt is good, but how reliable/durable is he?

After him, there is a huge drop off Definitely need an upgrade in this area.

Getzlaf would be a decent temporary fill in until Andy returns from injury, but long term we should be looking to draft someone who can replace Andy in the future.

Andy Fantuz is not on the roster, he's a free agent. I think we should be ready to replace him immediately if necessary.

In order for him to come back, he has to: be recovered from injury; be able to play at a high level; want to come back here; sign a contract at a price the team is willing to pay.

I hope it all works out, but I don't think we should assume anything.

Correct, Andy is still a free agent. It makes me wonder WHY he's still a free agent. Look, he's recovering from a torn ACL, and that takes at least a year (personal experience) to recover. While the CFL (and good on the League and CFLPA for doing this) covers the rehab for a player for a year from the injury date, it still means that he will be unavailable for the first 12 games (or so) of the season.

I would love to see (those who know me may be in for a bit of a shock) Andy sign a 2-year contract with the Ticats - probably with a lower base salary with LOTS of incentives, and then he can retire a Tiger-Cat. He was on his way to a 1000-yd season last year, and probably had a chance to eclipse his career best. He proved to me that he is the best National receiver in the League, and probably in the top-10 overall.

We haven't heard much about Andy this off-season, but it makes me wonder if: 1) he (or his agent) are asking for too much; 2) he is going to take a year off to completely rehab his knee (although he won't be making any money from football); 3) he'll make himself available for a late-season signing; or 4) he's planning to retire.

The good thing is, with the number of National starters we have, we could actually start 5 International receivers and not have to worry about a guy like Aprile...

I am not a CFL prospect expert but all mocks and rankings that i have seen has Vandervoort right were the Cats pick.
A position of need, and a local product adds up to a no brainer selection for the Cats. Will Austin however move up in the draft as he has done in the past to secure this player or roll the dice that he will still be there when they pick??

Nice idea, Sig.

Which one, Mark?

ApriIle is a valued special teams player. As a receiver from what I have seen he has fairly good speed and blocking abilities. Unfortunately, so far he has hands of stone. I recall when he did have an opportunity to play, one of our QBs hit him right in the hands in full stride. Yup you guessed it, he dropped the pass. I sure hope they find a suitable replacement for Fantuz and backup for Watt.

Giving Andy a shot on a 2 year deal. Shook my head at first but I can see the logic in it.

If you think about it, any cap hit due to Andy playing will be minimal, even if he has a base salary of, say, $150k. If he's on the IL for the first 12 games, then only $50k would count against the cap. Heck - the team could even give him a hefty signing bonus and STILL have a minimal cap hit. If it takes Andy a full season to recover, then so be it. His experience would pay huge dividends where he could be a de facto coach on the sidelines (a la Zach last year). If things don't work out (ie: his knee doesn't heal fully, or if he retires) then his full salary will NOT count against the cap. I think it's a win-win situation for both the team and Andy, assuming something like this happens.

:thup: Displaced. Good logical approach . I'm going to Vegas and betting that Andy will be back sooner rather than later. Taking the UNDER!!!!!