So with sinkfield out of the plans is there any other experienced receivers left on the market?

Obviously there is Andy and a bunch of talented American College kids....... but I am wondering about experienced cfl vets.

Tori Gurley comes to mind

Pickings are slim and the cupboard is basically now bare when it comes to FA's and WR's . Chiles is still unsigned and available and being he was here last year would know the playbook and our systems . The aforementioned Gurley is still out there BUT with Elliott already signed it would appear unlikely that the Cats would bring him in . After that though the talent level drops way off with whose still left available . Here's a quick list of who is still available from the other eight teams , like I said not really anybody to get overly excited about .

Marcus Henry ( Alouettes )
Jamil Smith ( REDBLACKS )
Andre Durie ( Argonauts) (Cdn)
Phil Bates (Roughriders)
Joe West ( Stampeders )
Greg Wilson ( Stampeders )
Devin Bailey ( Eskimos ) (Cdn)
Chris Getzlaf ( Eskimos ) (Cdn)

8) Right about Chiles, bobo, but no one has even bothered to sign him up to this point, including the Cats !!
  He obviously did not overly impress the Cats last year, nor me, in the few games that he played for us   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Devon Bailey has a ton of potential. Derriere has retired. Getzlaf has not impressed me. I like Gurley, however he and Elliott may be a huge locker room distraction.

I disagree with you about Getzlaf. He would be a huge upgrade over our current National receivers…

Must be a ton of receivers graduating from US colleges. Don't believe there would be any problem finding an international receiver, at a reasonable price. And before I hear the backlash about bringing in rookies, remember, they were all rookies once!

We currently have 12 receivers listed on the current roster . 10 returnees ( 6 American / 4 Canadian ) and 2 rookies .
The American contingent as it stands right now is not bad but could use some added depth . The Canadians on the other hand without Fantuz ? Well the less said the better ( no depth / very little experience ) and needs some serious upgrading . Once you get by Watt there is very little behind him . I’m hoping that we can somehow snag Vandervoort with our 4th pick in the upcoming draft . The guy has the potential to be a stud and maybe even the next Fantuz .

Here is what we have right now on the roster in the Receiving Department


Terrence Toliver
Luke Tasker
Brian Elliott
Brian Tyms
Brandon Banks
Junior Collins
Nathan Palmer ( rookie)
Frankie Okafor ( rookie)


Spencer Watt
Giovanni Aprile
Mike Jones
Matt Uren

I'd be very comfortable with these five as our starters, but less comfortable with the depth in behind them, given our team's propensity for injuries. Note that this lineup already requires a ratio change from last year, when having Fantuz and Watt allowed us to start two Nationals.

But do we have anyone with Sinkfield's speed??? That's the problem. :thdn: (Banks can't be compared with Sinkfield)

If you believe the 4.19 second 40 that Sinkfield was once clocked at ... then no one has anyone with his speed. (I'm not even convinced the Vikings do.)

Even someone with C Williams speed will do. Or someone like Banks speed but 6'2" also would do.

:thup: :thup:

I would also like a McLaren in my driveway and $10 M in my bank account. :smiley:

And maybe a 6'2" speedster to drive it and take some of your money? :smiley: The beauty of posting on a forum over operating in the real world, eh?

Junior Collins ran a 4.37 40
Brian Tyms 4.48
There are your speed guys with Speedy thrown in too.

You'd have to be a 22 year old hacker from Ancaster to accomplish that :wink: !

6'2" that can run a 4.2/40 and kick field goals

When we draft Vandervoort and sign Fantuz we will be more than set at REC.

Sink got signed as a DB, he will now have to beat out all other NFL quality DB's in Training camp to stay on their roster. A monumental task to say the least.
If cut, both Sink and Andy will be added to our roster before Labour Day! :rockin:

La brigade de receveurs de Hamilton a à mon sens un très bon noyau. Je pense que le recrutement pourrait trouver un jeune qui la complèterait bien. Si Spencer Watt est un bon receveur capable d'être partant, il demeure qu'il faut qu'il soit appuyé si on compte sur lui pour gérer le ratio de joueurs nationaux. Aprile est un substitut décent, mais un substitut avant tout. Un ajout de ce côté serait approprié.

Rick Foley released by the Arblows....... How about another Canadian DE with an attitude?