I did not include Ezra Landry because he was signed/brought to the CFL by Edmonton. The Als signed him off Edmonton practice roster.


looking at BC right now we actually did good against this argo D. AC still the only one to get 300+ against them.

But the Lions D chewed up Ray and the Oline. He had all night against our D.

Great weekend for our guys. Made ground on all 3 Eastern teams. Best we could have hoped for.

Yep, look at that. The defending Grey Cup champs won a game in which they only scored 18 points. Sure wish our defense could do that every once in a while.

I have absolutely no idea what this is all about any more. We have a bye week and I think that Herb made a few good points today. Maybe we could talk about what's to come or something. Anyone have any ideas for a new thread?

I can't speak for anyone else
Have no idea how many readers have actually played the game
As I've mentioned before...I played tight-end
In an era where I had dreams of replacing Nick Arakgi
And may of done but for a couple mishaps

There's a lot going on in the passing game
Both mental and physical
But the one thing I see with Calvillo today
That would simply have played havoc with my mentality as a receiver
Is do I put it diplomatically?
Shyness under pressure

OK...AC has never been much of a physical specimen
It's no secret
But...for the last couple years
It's been obvious that Calvillo is seriously gun-shy
When it comes to taking punishment....ANY punishment

We've all see Richardson and Green drop easy balls over the last while
And some have suggested that they're more concerned about taking that hit
Than securing the ball and turning upfield

The discussion is best approached from the other direction...I think
I remember the inspiration the Bombers derived when Buck Pierce would fearlessly
Tear up the field
That inspiration almost led them to the Cup
Got Pierce his peers' vote as the toughest guy in the CFL

I use Buck Pierce deliberately
Knowing that others will say,
"Sure...and where is he now?"
Obviously Buck Pierce is the other opposite extreme
Receivers need neither a quarterback who has no fear and foolishly steps into perpetual injury
Nor do they need a quarterback who cowers as we've seen AC do
Frequently over the last season or so

As a receiver your job is to catch tha ball knowing that in so doing you might take a blow
It's likely to happen on any route...after any reception
If you leader isn't willing or able to do the same
I don't care who you are or what you tell yourself
It's going to affect you

As far as I'm concerned...THIS is the one factor that explains not only receivers and their lack of dependability...but ANY NUMBER of aspects of this team that have been indicative of a lack of sacrifice, courage and committment.


We spotted them 14 points at the start, then only gave up 9. It happens. Our D did fine. The 10 points they spotted did them in today.

No, we spotted them 20 points in a first half in which Ray and the Argos made our defense look like a first-year CIS group. Not acceptable.

My point is that we don't seem able to win games unless our offense scores 30 or more points. That's way too much pressure to put on the offense. The Lions were able to pick up a win yesterday only posting 18 points. Your defense should be able to do that for you occasionally. To date, we haven't shown that AT ALL.

oy kvey we only gave up 3 in the second. all we needed was 4 more points. that's the D fault too I guess. :roll:

Yes, it is. Why? Because once in a while, you should be able to win a damn game without your offense having to score 30+ points. Yes, our offense wasn't great that day against Toronto, only put up 20 points. But BC only needed 18 points to win last night.

I'm as happy as anyone to note the improvement in our defense from the second half of the Toronto game, and in the Winnipeg game (barring that dreadful prevent garbage in the 4th quarter). But until and unless this defense shows that it can win games on its own occasionally, i.e. hold a team to fewer than 30 points and maybe even 20 points once in a while, it's nothing but average.

Fair enough d&p,

record since 1996 when the als scored and allowed less than 20 points in the same game: 5 wins and 11 losses.

wins: 1998 in ssk,1999,2004,2005 in TO,2010 in BC. we never did it at home unless someone can correct me. :o

Montreal has chosen to go with a entire non import O Line. This enables them the flexibility not to need any NI receivers. With most teams going with 3 NI, C 2G, on the O Line with import tackles the can use a all import receivers to start which has worked out very well for them. Deslauriers is really i guess the 5th receiver. with the emergence of Lovoi playing TE really Deslauries time is vry limited. Just not a position that they really do not need to make a priority. The dropped balls of the usually super reliable import starters leaves room for concern however.

As I said there is really no need for Delauries to even play receiver really 5 NI on O Line MLB and DE NI make the ratio. If he is truly that bad then he can stick strictly with SP Teams and give Bo Bowling a shot at the #5 receiver spot when needed.

Il n'y a pas que Deslauriers qui a échappé des passes lancées dans les chiffes cette saison. On l'a vu aussi plus qu'il ne l'aurait dû de la part de Green, Richardson et Bratton aussi.

Jusqu'à maintenant, je trouve que notre receveur le plus constant est London. Avec le retour de Bratton, les autres équipes n'auront plus le choix que de porter un peu moins d'attention à Richardson et Green, ce qui devrait leur ouvrir certaines opportunités.

Les Alouettes devraient avoir un marchand de vitesse dans l'arsenal des receveurs. Cette dimension est présentement absente, à défaut d'avoir un receveur aux mains de velcro.

Le Staff: I agree with you, since Watkins left we have really not have a replacement with his speed.

D+P: You noted that the Als use play action. I question this? I don't recall Calvillo and Whitaker using PA. For this to be play action, the QB must have really good at faking to the back,( I don't think he has Allen's skill in faking) throwing a pass or running himself. Or giving the ball to the runner with a receiver while dropping back to pass. I guess Calvillo's faking the run, running himself and , spotting Deslaurier in the clear way down the field then throwing long might be called PA. I don't think AC intended to throw that long pass until he suddenly saw Des clear. I'm going to look for PA during the next game.

Je partage cette vision. Calvillo a attendu plus longtemps qu'il ne devait avant de retirer le ballon des mains d'Anderson. Tout ce temps, il regardait du côté de Deslauriers. Sa course hors l'aile avant sa passe avait peut-être pour but que la tertiaire des Bou! Bombers ne converge pas immédiatement sur Deslauriers. En tout cas, c'était un très bon jeu qui montre une autre façon dont Calvillo capitalise sur son expérience.

Par ailleurs, j'ai aimé la course de Deslauriers et la façon dont il s'est débarrassé de son premier plaqueur, et comment il a étiré sa course de sept verges de plus alors que l'adversaire le plaquait. Certains ont minimisé ce jeu de sa part, mais je crois que si c'était Richardson, Gren ou Bratton qui l'avait réussi, il en aurait retiré plus de crédit que Deslauriers. On peut avoir ses réserves sur Deslauriers, mais il a très bien joué ce jeu qui, au bout du compte, a permis de sceller l'issue de la rencontre.

Deslauriers has all the skills needed to be a top notch receiver in this league. He just can't slow the game down in his head. What's weird is in College he had great hands...