It's plain as day that this is not the receiving corps of last year.

Obviously, the names are different, but the level of play is way less. The guys still look confused on certain routes, still dropping balls too.

The receving team of last year is oodles better than what we've seen this year, so far. I hope that changes.

You guys lost your top receiver to the NFL and a very underrated pass-catcher in Bagg to injury. Replacing Fantuz and Bagg is going to take some time.

... which = patience.

don't forget Koch is out as well. He is a brilliant receiver. When Getz is our star we are in trouble.

We lost one of the best receivers in the league in Fantuz and two very good receivers in Bagg and Koch. It's not easy to replace those guys. I think these guys have done a decent job so far and they will be fine with a little more time, and having Koch back will be a big boost. I like Nunn and although he's had some drops he seems to get open a lot and has made some good catches as well. I think he will be a big part of the offence one he has a bit more experience.

What's the deal with Sisco? Is he injured or just not ready for prime time? I would have thought this would have been a good opportunity to get him some playing time.

9game irl

Too bad - I think we could use him right now.

Actually, he's not. You might be mistaking him for one of Fairooz or Cetoute, the two other non-imports on the 9-game along with Bagg. But Sisco was on the 42 - never saw him on the field though and, if he was, never got a pass thown his way.

Here's a link to the roster, that includes the 9-game list:

Hmm, that is odd...he was on it after game 2 of preseason, but I see he even dressed in week one. weird.

I think the riders have improved talent wise at the reciever position. Yes, you don't go out and replace Andy Fantuz. Yes, Rob Bagg is a speedster with great hands. But I think if the offence actually got to spend some time on the field instead of the D getting torched and playing forty minutes, it would be a different story. I think Nunn and Wheelwright have the potential to be very effective, if not stars in this league. Its just a matter of familiarity with the offence. Its plain to see that the new recievers are still making a lot of mistakes out there as far as route running, assignments, etc. Give it time. These guys are gonna light it up.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish …

Sisco is a huge disappointment.

A NI WR on a team that is crying for a Wide-out,. This was his golden opportunity,but he doesn't seem to have skills (yet) to step-up his game.

Sisco has played 2 games. Even Fantus started out slow with the team.

Fantuz was dropping EVERTHING when he first came into the league. Kent Austin benched him, and it worked. Sisco's time will come. One of the worst things you can do to a young reciever is just throw him out to the wolves.