Just took a look at our receivers stats from the game and they looked great. Glenn did an amazing job spreading the ball around using 7 guys and they all had at least 2 catches.

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No Carter or Bauman (no surprise on the latter). Did either of them see the field today? I don't remember seeing them.

Didn't see Bauman but I think I remember Carter on at least a few plays.

I asked the same question in another thread but this is a more appropriate place to ask the question. It seems that Stala is taken out of the game on a regular basis. I think he should be out there every play unless he is injured. Maybe he is not taken out as much as I think but I see no point in taking one of our best receivers out of the game - ever.

Not sure how often they take him out but I do agree with you that he should be in on almost every play.

I thought I remembered Bauman being in on a short yardage situation. But other than that, I don't think he was used much. And that's understandable because we don't need him as much. He's still a Cat, but one who has used up about eight of his nine lives with his dropped passes. We have other NI receivers doing well, may have Giguere coming in, and it was good to see Brown used more. I don't know why we aren't using him in short yardage situations though.

I don't recall seeing any easy passes dropped. The receiving corps did a great job. Mann looked better than usual, and that was good to see. But credit has to go to Glenn. His family made the trip to IWS, and I guess he did not want to let them down.

TSN indicated that Carter was starting according to their opening series chart. I don't recall seeing him much at all today.

Bauman was actually in quite a bit tonight.

Nice to darcy get too more Balls

Didn't notice him, and im glad Glenn didn't either. :wink:


Yes Glen did another masterful job today. I don't know if it was just me, but I would never have guessed Glen threw for more than 300 yards. I was thinking that he was not having a good game, but when it's all over, his numbers are very good. Shows just how good he is nibbling away at defences.
I would have liked to see Arland go long a few times to pad his numbers and stick it to the Argoooos. :lol:

That's the thing though, he didn't toss the deep ball up a few times to get those yards, they were all nice short controlled passes.

Very Calvillo-like


I think I heard on one play that Carter provided a block for Mann???? But to be honest....I didn't hear or see Bauman at all so it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't dress or play.

I recall a quarterback on this team that was always critizised for throwing just the short pass ( I think he is the third string QB in Edmonton now), I guess short passes are good when you are winning.

Carter and McDaniel were quiet last night but were on the field. That probably has more to do with the other receivers getting open and being higher on the read priority list. Bauman's inability to catch means he's been relegated to blocking. I haven't heard how Nicholson got on the nine game IR but that's the only reason Bauman still has a job. Arash Madani says Sam Guigere isn't coming north this year.