There wasn't much speed shown by the receivers in last night's game.There seemed to be a lot of lumbering pass routes.No one seemed to possess the "lightning in a bottle"speed.No separation from DB"S.

All the fast guys play for the Argos.

Arland Bruce, Patrick Johnston, and that Ex-NE Patriot Bethel Johnston looked great last night.

I dislike them but The Argos will win the East this heard it hear first.

I thought Woodcock showed some promise with his play across the middle.

I agree not much speed. Ponder made a nice catch for a first down as did Woodcock. Mitchell looked good in the 4th and Woods could be a nice possession WR. Lets hope they open it up a bit next week.

From what I gather, there wasn't much motion or other pre-snap trickery happening in the Cats offense last night. How much play action was going on? I think that any problems in getting separation may have been compounded by a more sedate approach in those two facets.

One thing I can pretty much guarantee is that a suited-up Miles, Lumsden, and Jackson will stretch the Argos quite a bit more next game if (as I expect) Marcel and Charlie expand the packages for a more regular-seasonlike test. Miles in particular won't be going 5 in a 30 zone. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There was tons from what I saw.

hate to tell u guys but Armstead looked pretty good last night.

Wast at the game in Hamilton but when your O can only put up about 165 yards against a scrub defense....? Was the prob with the QBs or the receivers?

Steve Milton pointed out that they didnt come back for the ball when Printers was outside the pocket and they havent been doing it in practice either !!!!

Maybe they're taught to go deep when Casey scrambles instead.

Okay, that would contradict what Taaffe said in his postgame interview on CHML...LOL He was fairly adamant that they were holding a lot of stuff back, in keeping with his discussion with Berry re keeping things vanilla to aid in their mutual evaluations of their rosters.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe in terms of trickery, but there was lots of motion including some crossing receivers right at scrimmage at the snap.

That's a good sign that Taafe says they're holding stuff back, because just from what I saw last night the formations and pre snap motion was a huge improvement from last year's "American" look. It looked much more like a CFL offence.

Can't wait to see the whole shebang.

There was lots of play-action in the first half. Printers and Williams both execute fake handoffs really well.

I didn't notice any significant receiver motion in terms of shuffling the formation. Receivers did hit the line in motion often though.

Actually, I've heard it about 50 other places before you ever told me.

Well, remember Winnipeg didn't fare much better against our defense. And that was without Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Gordon, or Bradley playing.

As a side not Brock Ralph dropped 2 right in the numbers killing 2 drives in his first game in Edmonton.

I have always kind of been a fan of Brock Ralph but he certainly does get the dropsies from time to time. Then there are other times that he makes freakishly amazing circus catches.

Regardless of anything though… he sure is fast!

8) I have to agree with you !!! Woodcock showed he still has pretty good speed and quickness out there !!!

Just listened to the fan this am.Chris Schultz, in his discussion of the Cats Argo game said the Ticats have “no receivers”!