With Milt most likely sitting this game out, Edwards and Armstrong have a chance to jump into the top 2 spots for receiving. This had mre wondering.....when was the last time a team had three receivers at the top of the list?

Looking at the past stats to 1999 there have been a few teams that have had 2 guys at or near the top, but the third is usually way down. Stegall, Armstrong and Edwards could have the top 3 spots (unlikely though), but it wouldn't be surprizing to see them end the year in the top 5.

Well they both managed to pick enough yards, and now sit at #1 & #2. Milt was just 10 yards behind Lewis for third.

but, sadly it doesn't mean much when you can't win the game.

ya i loved how when the bombers got a touchdown they didnt celebrate or anything because they didnt deserve to celebrate after that showing but if you just watched the 4th quarter it would look pretty good, they need to play a full 4 quaters not 1 and a half

although it was a great half game and that is some heart still trying to play harder when you are losing like 31 to 1