Receivers for next game

I think based on the last two games the starting receivers are:

Jaelon Acklin
Bralon Addison
Brandon Banks
Luke Tasker

I also think Josh Crockett and Marcus Tucker looked better then Mike Jones but Jones is Canadian so he is our 7th receiver for the 1st regular season.

Tasker looked like Tasker.

He is our Ben Cahoon and hopefully will be around for many more seasons.

i totally agree.

Luke Tasker will always be Luke Tasker. Nothing will replace him not unless he gets injured (god forbid)

I personally like Jaelon Acklin and his size and his agressiveness. Doesn’t Acklin kind of remind you of Andy Fantuz…the way he looks on the field and everything?? I believe he will be a starter come next week. I also think Bralon Addison has done enough last season and should get a starting spot also. As for Brandon Banks, obviously I want him to start but I still question his shoulder injury. I hope he can play 18 games. He is definately a fighter but it sure helps us having Crockett and Tucker on this team in case he does get hit and hes out again with a bit of that shoulder acting up (god forbid). I do think both Crockett and Tucker looked better then Mike Jones but Mike Jones stays on this team come Saturday because he is Canadian and we already got rid of Shamawd Chambers. Its good to have a pretty reliable canadian receiver and we don’t have a lot of them.

If Tasker ever becomes merely Tasker-esque, or Tasker-like, or heaven forbid, just Tasker-ish, it will mean he has begun to decline. He will be de-Taskerizing. Hopefully that is still years away.

But I agree, he will still be Tasker. Just not quite as Tasker-ific.

(If we could clone him we’d have Multi-Taskers.)

Thank you ! Thank you very much . ExPat will be here all week . Be sure to try the veal . :wink:

Pat Lynch (when I go, I'll be X Pat) :wink:

Is that better or worse than being Cowpat?

I didn’t really count but how many passes went to Jones last night? I remember one specific play where he was wide open down the sidelines and Masoli overthrew the ball by a ton.
Jones playing the Z spot will only get a few throws a game..he’s a keeper and not only because he’s Canadian.

He is awesome. Mr Clutch!

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It’s ok I got the whole conversation in screenshots right from the beginning it’s all good. If only select people get in trouble for others bullying others I will make sure I write to Randy Ambrosie about how these CFL forums are being run.

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