Receivers: Devier Posey

I think we all witnessed a lot of dropped balls last year. Why not bring back Devier Posey assuming he’s healthy? He’s made plenty of miraculous clutch catches in his CFL career and even at 32 yrs, a veteran presence, speed, GREAT hands….maybe even at a bargain this time?

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Interesting idea! I just don't know who he'd replace. Our receiving corps is pretty full. Lewis, Wieneke, Julien-Grant, and Mayala are more or less untouchable. Bray had a bad season but he's young and the org seems to like him. Alford is the kick returner.

Everyone took turns dropping the ball last year. That's a problem of focus that i expect the coaches to fix in 2022.

Ça pourrait avoir de l'allure, surtout que Quan Bray ne semble plus être le marchand de vitesse qu'il était en 2019. le problème est que comme Disciplineandpunish a dit, on a déjà beaucoup de receveurs. De plus, comme Maciocia semble vouloir aligner huit canadiens, on peut s'attendre à avoir deux receveurs canadiens. Je pense qu'on gagnerait davantage à donner une réelle chance à Dante Absher.


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Ou Reggie White jr !


Ah oui, j'avais oublié White!

I’m a Bray fan too. I wish him the very best and a turnaround season for which I think we were all expecting this year (yeh, he did have a sub par one). Plenty of others dropped some some balls that should have been caught. That aside, Posey opens things up, nice hands, and if healthy, could still get 2 good years out of him. I won’t say 32 is old: Moss, Rice, Fitzgerald played well past this while still producing Hall of Fame numbers. Just an “age” comparison. Seems like a a great quality guy too. Not sure why he hasn’t signed yet (injuries?)…but I’d think someone could pick him up for a bargain. Hope to see him play again!!! If healthy, he’s a sleeper assuming he’s taking care of himself and wants to play. PS: in case Bray reading, seriously not ripping….wishing you a great 2022!

Remember those “stickum days”? I hope that’s fixable as Adams Jr Completion % has suffered (as is the teams overall success ie what could have been). I fully expected (w Wpg possible exception) this last season to have been Montreal’s (Pre injury to VA and if they’d stop dropping balls).

I doubt if anyone will sign an injury prone 32 yr. old WR like Posey. He's had his day. Why didn't BC re-sign him?

The Als receiver depth was already full or they would have re-signed B.J. Cunningham.

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That’s the question; but a 32 yr w his hands still “should” have a couple solid years left in him. You are right and I’m intrigued to know what his various injuries were?

  1. College?
  2. Pre Montreal?
  3. Ticats?
  4. BC Lions?

Yeh, somethings up but still would like to see him again! Not that long ago, He did leave Montreal still healthy and the Ticat/BC thing happened in a tight quick window. Sometimes an injury is just a fluke but yeh must be some hesitation from those that know. He hasn’t announced a retirement and is very low key. Good guy it seems!

Yes our WR group is already stack, we could maybe add a speedster, but I don't think 32 yrs old Posey can bring that