Receivers coach

Our receivers coach seems to have a lot of experience at that station. Yet our receivers seem to be missing one very basic fundamental, which is breaking off their route and helping the QB when in trouble.
This problem needs to be addressed if we are going to have any success this season. Even against Winnipeg, our defence came very close to sacking Glenn, but there was always a wide open man to dump the ball off to.

wasnt our recievers coach coaching at highschool when we got him?

I agree with the original concept of this thread, in that, our receivers, despite their great speed and ability to run patterns and hopefully, catch the ball under ideal circumstances, need to come back to the QB or break off their routes to get in the clear when the QB is in trouble; which, by the way, is most of the time.

On the other hand, I think all receivers are aware of this very fundamental discipline long before they reach the pro ranks.

Spikejones - at least you would hope so. This is receivers school 101...QB in trouble, break off your route to create an option....or be ready to block downfield.

IMO its not the receiver's fault if they are doing what a NCAA orientated coach is telling them to do, pass routes are different in U.s ball, I watched a east west shrine game years back and a Calgary Dino receiver (forget his name) broke of his route and was soundly criticized by the TV commentator, for doing so, even though his route was double covered. By the time the coaching staff realizes this is Canadian football it will be 2009? We could even see a fullback in short yardage situations :roll:

The problem is that other teams get great pressure on our QBs with only 3 or 4 pass rushers (ie. no blitz). In this situation it is very difficult for the receiver to recognize that the QB will be pressured quickly because there is no evidence of a blitz before the ball is snapped. The receivers and QBs need to trust that the o-line will withstand the pressure until the routes develop however, often times this year the o-line simply fails. Therefore the real problem is the o-line. The receivers and QBs are doing the best they can but without consistent blocking there is only so much they can do.

8) No !! He came here last year from Temple University, and before that he was at Syracuse.
He did coach high school teams at the beginning of his coaching career, but that was some 25 years ago !!

While I agree this is happening, and I agree the receivers do need to do a better job of adjusting back to the ball. I will submit that frequenly our o-line is issueing all access passes to the opposing teams d-line. It's hard to pin a receiver for not breaking off his rout when 2 seconds into his route his qb is already on the run and looking for help.

I have seen receivers standing still while the qb is on the scramble, and that should never happen.

In short i'm saying there are many things leading up to these breakdowns, not just the receivers not adjusting, not just the o-line unable to block...ect. Football is a team game. Each play 12 people need to know what to do.....and we for sure are not getting all 12 people on the same page often enough....offense and defense.

The pass routes are over long before our QBs are scrambling . They are being lazy IMO and need to be broken of this very bad habit !!!

I watch them all the times at games and once their patterns are over they stand and watch !!! I think having Miles back would help this problem big time, but as Geroy Simon found out in BC a great season can be had by guys who work for Printers .Simon had his best season I think when Printers was the MVP .

Why ? because he learned that plays are never over when Printers is in the game and I think the same goes for Williams . Simon got a lot of LONG PASSES thrown to him because he kept working and got open deep when Printers got outside the DE . We seen a hint of what he can do a few games ago when printers threw a pass off his back foot to a wide open Woodcock that was just over thrown and this came off a scramble . I hope they can use this to our advantage starting on Labour day !!!