Receivers coach poll

All right, gang, who should it be?

I prefer Ben Cahoon. He ran great short and medium routes, was a high yardage player, in tune with QBs, knew the playbook etc. He caught passes that provided 1st downs. Most definitely, he was the receiver to go to in critical plays, and had a long associated tenure with the Als.

Cahoon is an obvious, popular choice; and one with which I would have no objection. But I voted for a CIS coach just because we need more CDN content in the coaching ranks of the CFL. There must be a HC / OC somewhere in the CIS that could fit the bill and have a pro future.

GHT: I agree with you. I too advocate for the inclusion of Canadian CIS coaches into the coaching ranks of pro football, certainly within the CFL.

I agree with the general point about CIS coaches, but we have to field the best team and hire the best coaches we can. We just had a CIS guy try his hand at coaching receivers (Bolduc) and it didn't work. I don't want to promote a guy straight out of CIS into a pro position coach role. Someone like that should start with special teams and work from there. Right now, to me, the best person to coach our receivers is Ben Cahoon. Guy had technique like few others had; he had to be technically sound to make up for his physical limitations. I think he'd be a great choice to bring out the best in our receivers, and he'd work well with Calvillo too.

While I didn't want Bolduc back as receivers coach but there was sooooo much wrong last season that it is hard to judge anyone. And let's recall that he only became receivers coach because of the "unique" season that just was; he was not hired to be a receivers coach. Doesn't mean there isn't a vastly more experienced CIS coach that would fit the bill properly.

My concern with Cahoon is that he might only be hired because of what he did as a player and not his coaching skills. Not all great players have the ability to teach what they did. My hunch is that Cahoon can, but it would be nice if there was a little more actual evidence (i.e., coaching background).

I don't think you could get Cahoon away from his receivers coach position at Brigham Young University his alma mater.
He is a devout Mormon and is raising his family that way.
At BYU there are no games or practices on Sundays which would be a major concern for Cahoon in the pro game.
Coaching football at a Mormon University would probably be his perfect job for his faith(religion) and his passion(football)

Guys, check the facts before you post! :slight_smile: Cahoon has credentials -- two years as receivers coach at BYU (2011-12). But he is not there now; he was released following a change in OCs in 2013, and currently runs his own business. So yes, he has the experience, but no, we don't need to woo him away from his alma mater. :smiley:

D&P, Thank You for correcting, :?
If Cahoon is available and he wanted to,
He would be terrific with the Al's in any capacity within the Organization and Rec. Coach would be perfect.

The guy is a model player and person

I agree, Grover. I hope we can find a way to make this happen. Can't think of a better person to coach our receivers than Velcro Hands Cahoon. :slight_smile:

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I personally think it is a bad idea for teams to try and resurrect their past glory days by bringing in past stars to coach. It just never works in any sport. Way to much of a clique forming..."well this is the way we did it back in the day."
AC in place. Anwar Stewart. People seem to want Coburne and Cahoon now. Get Trestman to help out. Just not a good plan.
Its a new era and time to start believing that.

Je crois que les Alouettes doivent embaucher les meilleurs entraîneurs disponibles, qu'ils aient été des Alouettes ou pas. Pour moi, ce dernier critère est totalement indifférent.

Considérant les résultats obtenus par Copeland, je ne suis toujours pas convaincu de ses qualités comme entraîneur. Cortez ne l'a pas amené avec lui ni chez les Roughriders, ni chez les Lions. Pour moi, ça doit avoir une certaine signification sur le fait que peut-être que Copeland n'est pas encore prêt.

Les résultats obtenus par Cahooooooooooon! comme entraîneur dans la NCAA sont peut-être intéressants, mais que ce soit de la NCAA ou du SIC, il demeure que c'est du niveau universitaire. On connaît la maîtrise technique de Cahoon comme receveur. Est-ce qu'on en connaît autant sur ses capacités d'enseignement? Peut-être un peu moins, mais il faut admettre que l'échantillon est mince. Cahooooooooooon! n'est plus entraîneur depuis 2 ans. Veut-il encore devenir entraîneur? Pourquoi n'a-t-il pas trouvé preneur depuis son renvoi?

Pour ma part, je laisserais peut-être une autre chance à Bolduc. Il faut admettre qu'il n'a pas eu de grand passeur chez les Alouettes depuis que Calvillo est tombé au combat. Ce n'est rien pour aider un entraîneur des receveurs. Avec Glenn comme quart, on verrait mieux si Bolduc peut faire le travail ou pas. Et si on part du principe qu'il faut avoir de la continuité, le maintien de Bolduc s'inscrirait dans cette direction.

Pour moi, il est clair que Popp ne reviendra pas comme entraîneur-chef l'an prochain. Les mêmes causes produisant les mêmes effets, Popp devrait céder sa place à quelqu'un d'autre à la fin de la saison prochaine. Reste à voir qui sera son digne remplaçant, maintenant que son principal poulain a lui-même saboté son opportunité. Cela dit, je ne sais pas si ceci contribuerait à amener un nouvel entraîneur des receveurs. Venir à Montréal pour peut-être ne pas rester plus qu'une saison n'est pas la meilleure opportunité.

Honnêtement, je crois que les

Bolduc is coming back as assistant ST coach. So there's no point in wishing for him as receivers coach.

Jeremaine Copeland

D'accord, mais ceci ne change pas le fait que je lui aurais donné une autre chance comme entraîneur des receveurs.

Cela dit, il faudra bien quelqu'un pour remplacer Dinwiddie et Bolduc ne pourra assumer 2 fonctions d'entraînement. Ça veut donc dire qu'il faudra forcément (encore) quelqu'un pour les receveurs et les porteurs de ballon. Je suppose qu'on appelle ça la continuité. :twisted:

Considérant ce que Cobourne a fait à Saskatchewan, je crois qu'il a gagné ses galons et qu'il serait un bon candidat. Je suis moins convaincu à propos de Copeland.

Until Maas hires his assistants. It will be difficult to find experienced position coach.

Pourquoi Maas aurait-il préséance sur les Alouettes?

Because a bunch of guys will be waiting to see if they can snag an OC gig on Maas's team, or even a position coach title under him. Compare a job in Edmonton to a job in Montreal right now and it's not hard to see most good candidates opting for the former all other things being equal. Once the dominoes fall in Edmonton, we should be able to move on our own coaching vacancies.