Receiver Nate Curry

Hamilton Spectator June 6th 2007

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Nate Curry, 26, import receiver is showing blazing speed
and soft hands at the Tiger Cat Training Camp at Mc Master.

"stellar but underperforming group" it seems to me that this statement is very disputable. With an injured QB that couldn't throw more than 25 yards accurately the blame for a poor passing attack is leveled at the Recievers. It was very obvious that the QB was suffering and that the game plan called for a short to medium passing attack that could not be succesful due to a variety of things including the inability of the O-Line to give enough time for routes to be run. I think that a number of things led to the poor season of a year ago and cannot be leveled at one group as is being done today. Hindsite is 20/20 but any Coach worth their while should be able to recognize when a player is obviously hurt and unable to perform up to a Pro level.