Receiver injury update

Howdy TiCat fans...

Does anyone have an injury update on Drisan James and Chris Bauman?

Drisan has really stepped up the last couple of games and contributed with steady, reliable catches.

I would prefer to see Bauman in there as a bigger target than Grant.

Any update would be appreciated...

Bauman appeared to just have a Hamstring pull or maybe a bad cramp but we'll see. He did great last night.

Thanks Champ...

Chris didn't look too bad with the calf. I was hoping that Drisan's injury was minor too but I haven't heard anything yet...

I would rather have Grant in there than Bauman. Granr has better hands and speed

During the second half of last night's game, TSN had a high camera angle shot with a panoramic view of the Ticat sidelines and Drisan James could be seen riding the exercise bike. Later in the game, when Chris Bauman went down with a leg cramp, the announcers seemed to suggest that James had a similar leg cramp problem although it looked like a potentially serious ankle injury when it first happened.

Bauman was walking around on the sideline after the injury and looked fine.

Who we need is P-Rod back. With Bruce, McDaniel, Stala and P-Rod we'd be pretty solid. :cowboy:

might be a ratio problem with that lineup but I agree it'd be pretty good.

Enough with "P-Rod". The guys name is Prechae. It's unique enough that we don't even have to use his last name. Not every Rodriguez has to be a "_-Rod"

If we play a Canadian at FB, we should be good. :wink: