Receiver Injuries...

…now Michel is out, broken scapula…not a good year for ball catchers…

I am writing the Stamps and suggesting they increase the milk budget next year!

They gotta stop trying to milk quick six


Maybe that was the issue?

Nice to see Kamar Jorden re-signed.

Had heard the injury was significant and possibly career ending so hopefully this dispels that rumour.

Definite handful on the field. CFL needs players of his ability.

…that is good news…hopefully we have BLM’s arm tossing balls to KJ and his friends and not Ralph the Dog’s air cannon…

Reilly would look nice in Red and White, if BLM doesn't return ... just saying!

…wouldn’t that be a coup?!

Saw KJ moved to the 6-game Injured List this weekend. Maybe not out of the woods quite yet.

Anyone heard any news on him yet?

…nope, sorry