Receiver Cuts

Well, I have to admit I'm not exactly thrilled with some of the decisions that were made at receiver. I'm very happy with our team at every other position (aside from Marshall getting cut at LB....I don't think he really got a fair shot) but I think we made some big mistakes here.

  1. I was a big Talman Gardner fan in both of the pre-season games. This guy looked pretty good to me....he has hands, speed and could dangle after the catch. I don't really remember anything about Quinnie (maybe one catch the other night) but I'd take Gardner over Peterson and Cavil anyday. (BTW, Cavil has had some good seasons in the past but he has been invisible to me in the pre-season....maybe we'll see something when the season starts.)

  2. Peterson might've had a good camp, but he is still very inconsistent and I can't believe (considering the talent we had at camp) we're going into the season with him starting at WR. I don't care if he is a Non-Import....start Ralph, start Morreale....ANYTHING to get this guy off the field. I guess it's a rule over the last five years that we have to have at least one guy who can't catch the ball on the field at all times! (See Tony Atkins, Ibrahim Tonkara and Dondre Gilliam)

*Don't get me wrong, I liked Gilliam but it was for his special teams play and his blocking downfield....everyone knew he had trouble consistently catching the ball.

So now we go into the season with a good set of receivers but really not an outstanding starting four. Flick, Vaughn and apparently Peterson (because he is a Non-Import and he plays outside) are surefire starters but who starts at the other SB position....Ralph or Yeast?

We might have the best depth in the CFL at this position, but when Peterson is starting it's hard to say that we have the best group in the league.

Oh yeah and one more thing....Morreale over Fleming? I'm not saying I don't like Mike or that I don't understand what he brings to the table (leadership and experience), but was this the right move? Fleming looked like a younger, faster version of Mike and on a team where we aren't exactly lacking leadership and experience, why did we keep Morreale?

I'm not trying to complain because I haven't been this excited about our team in 6 years but I didn't see this position panning out this way.

Talman Gardner Was Rip off...
He Should have Stayed..
There Better Sign him to Practice Roster

The entire first week of camp Talmon looked bad, i was hyped up about the guy but was let down. He didnt show the speed I thought he had nad IMO looked like just another body out there.

No way I would have kept him over Kamau based on the camp Kamau had.

Peterson might've had a good camp, but he is still very inconsistent
Here we go again with Peterson AMG. The past is in the past. The guy was brutal last year, agreed. He came to camp this year in tip top shape and looked great out there during training camp. He definitely deserves to be one of the receivers on this team. If he consistently drops catchable balls this season, then I'll be the first guy who gets on him. I also wasn't that keen on having him return this season, but after having watched him in training camp, I think we're all going to see a different Kamau Peterson this year.

It's no coincidence all the recs. kept are almost all established/experienced receivers while Gardner was new to the CFL.
Somebody had to be cut. It was the intelligent choice, going with experience.

Keeping Quinnie over Gardner was probably a simple matter of $.

Gardner IMO should have stuck. He was very exciting to watch. Quinnie never really impressed me. I hope Morreale isn't apart of the team due to politics. Cause Fleming looked good out there. Like someone already said he looked like a younger version of Mike.

I'm a little upset about Gardner, hopefully he'll be on the practice roster.

I think another factor you have to consider here is that Fleming may be a more ideal candidate for the practice roster, than say, a veteran like Mike Morreale. Fleming is still young and shows he has some great potential. Hopefully he agrees to go on the practice roster and bide his time. I’ll bet that Fleming was one of coach Marshall’s toughest cuts. I also think you’ll see Gardner stick around on the practice roster.

So we know who didn't get cut, and the team has to announce its dressed 42 players and 4 reserves 24 pre-gametime, but when is the practice roster announced. Other teams have a go at the cuts before the practice roster is finalized, right?

Just anxious to see who of our bubble-boys/"good" cuts make it to other teams to possibly haunt us later. :roll:


Gardner looked good, but may have not worked hard in relation to running decoy routes and blocking. Plus, who knows what his attitude was like? Intangibles like that play a bigger role than you think when cuts are made.

Quinnie has at least as much talent as Gardner, and they couldn't keep them both.

I would like to see Fleming stick around too, and Gardner didn't look bad in the game but one game does not show all (same applies to Fowlkes - thought he ran well, but we have options at returner). And Morreale still has something in the tank (great catch on the sideline the other night), never mind the value of keeping a veteran with leadership qualities who has been through just about every situation there is.

People get upset about cuts, but it's a part of the game. There were few obvious decisions about the borderline players this year - a testament to the scouting staff.

i like gardner too over to see him kept on reserv and to contnue to learn our offence

on the reserve i think fowlkes may be there strictly in case of injury as a kick returner and likely see fleming who like gardner shows a lot of potential

That's very true.

I watched Gardner in both games and he looked good. At first glance I'd take him over Quinnie, but that's just going on a little bit of observation in two preseason games.

No doubt the coaches and staff are aware of so much more than what we as fans see.

i think peterson will do well, i like his attitude and hes very positiveon the sidelines... great player, just needs a little work ctaching, great route runner get sopen quick.. just he lacks the hand.. but maby he will ctahc on now we have a QB,

that rbings me to my next point..

i have a funny feeling midway through the season, eakin rises as our starting qb.. jason looks sloppy and lost.. kevin looked confident and more controling of our offence to me anyway.

I doubt Maas will lose the starting job to Eakin this year. But if Maas stays in Hamilton for five or six years, we won't be able to keep Eakin around as his eventual replacement. He looks like he'll be ready to be a starter in a year or two, and likely won't want to stand on the sideline very long after that.

I thought gardner was very impressive in both pre-season games and was surprised quinnie beat him out. Perhaps there were other factors: money, attitude? Quinnie returned kicks in colllege and nfl europe, I think, which might be a factor. Fowlkes had all returns in pre-season and was cut:Does holmes return all kicks now?

Quinnie is a top notch receiver and kick returner. Cavil is a inside receiver, Gardner is a widereceiver. Give it some time, Cavil will shine catching the ball in traffic down over the middle.

I can't believe that Fleming got cut. I wouldn't doubt that the Argos grab him. :cowboy:

The "camp" Kamau had was no doubt a good one....but apparently you didn't see him in the pre-season games. He dropped a few balls and had a total of 3 catches for 28 yards. (And I will admit I saw him make a really nice block as well)

Game situations are what make or break a player. Gardner had 7 catches for 84 yards in the two games and I don't remember any drops. I don't care if it took him some time in camp to show his stuff.....he showed it when it counts in a game situation.

Now obviously it's only pre-season but Peterson played at least 3 quarters the other night and a good full half the first game.....3 catches, 28 yards and some drops. But hey, it's a good thing he looks good in drills at practice.

Fair enough. (and for the record, I've made 5 posts on the Peterson issue.....a far cry from the 5 million Boreham bashing or McManus bashing posts from other members in the past.....but I agree and I'll try to lay off the guy until the season gets started because it's not normally my style to hate on any of our players.)

However I will say one last thing, I agree the past is the past but being in good shape or not, in game situations he looks like the same receiver to me. So I don't agree with your last comment.

Good point and I'll be pretty pumped up if either of these guys end up on the PR. Obviously we're gonna have injuries at some point so hopefully this happens.

I am a little dissapointed in Marshall for not making the tough decisions on reciever,Flemming should have replaced Morreale(We have enough leadership and Flemming has too much upside ) and Peterson should have been replaced by Talman Gardner is there really any comparison between the two ? Peterson dropped have the balls in the warmups and is a drive killer.I hope marshall has the guts to replace peterson as soon as he drops his first ball,Marshalls weakness is that he is too loyal to some of his canadian veterans for his own good and some of these guys do not deserve it.Play the best playersnow ,what was the point of Katz bringing in the talent if we are not going to use it.