Just thought I’d recap the progress made during the off-season and get people’s thoughts and opinions on how we look now, what we need etc.
Ray Mariuz LB
Nick Setta K/P

Jeff Piercy FB (Retired)
Jesse Lumsden RB (Signed with Eskimos)
Cornelius Anthony LB (Released)
Michael Botterill LB (Released)
Sascha Lancaster DE (Released)
Terrence Patrick DE (Released)
Pat Woodcock WR (Released)
Tony Miles WR (Released)
Charles Thomas OL (Released)
Casey Printers QB (Released)
Nick Kordic DB (Released)
Alain Kashama DE (Released)
Nautyn Mckay-Loescher DL (Released)
Jordan Rempel OL (Traded)
Richie Williams QB (Released)
Earnest Jackson WR (Released)
Chad Rempel WR (Released)

Please do not post yet, this list is continued, thank you.

Mike Gibson Offensive Coordinator
Greg Marshall Defensive Coordinator
Khari Jones QB Coach
Joe Hagins Defensive Assistant/ Safeties Coach
Travis Moore Offensive Assistant/ RB Coach
Agustin Barrenechea LB
Otis Floyd LB
Alan Harper DL
Garrett McIntyre DE
Denis Haley DL
Mike McFadden DL
Matt Kirk DL
Alex Gauthier OL
Willie Quinnie WR
Johnie Morant WR
Josh Betts QB
Erik Meyer QB
Kevin Glenn QB
Dan Goodspeed OL (Aquired in trade with Riders for 9th overall pick in 2009 draft and OL Jordan Rempel)
Tim Goodwell LB
Alex Morrow DL
David Ball WR
Airese Currie WR
Lashaun Ward WR
Dave Stala WR

Likely upcoming signings:
Corey Mace DL
Jacob Patek LB
many more players to ensure a quality team before camp.
Early picks held:
1st overall
3rd overall
17th overall
1st overall (Supplemental draft)

Sorry missed a key signing, if you catch anymore please let me know.
Missed signing:
Brandon Guillory DE

Useful Free-agents still available:
Devone Claybrooks DL
A.J. Harris RB
Khalil Carter DB

lavigne Masse
canadian receiver great size good hands
best receiver in training camp last year
played in pre season game

What happened!!!!

Really good summary, cheesegod. Thanks for posting it. It sure makes me feel that Obie has been active and productive in his work to improve the team. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating of course, i.e. the results we see this season, but the effort to date has been substantial. I'm optimistic.

The Cats suggested that he return to school last year.
He did not get along with his coaching staff at school, and they did not play him.
Obie said that he has lost a full year of development and is no longer interested in him.

There not bring him back .. They Feel cause decided not to go Back to School
He won't be good enough to make the team this year I expect him to released..
Check the Scratching post

New Departures:
Sasha Glavic DB (Traded)
Andre Callender RB (Released)

New Arrivals:
Yanick Carter LB (Aquired in trade)
Brandon Myles WR (Aquired in trade)

Arrivals through draft:
Simeon Rottier OL
Darcy Brown FB/TE
Ryan Hinds DB
Scott McCuaig DE
Guillaume Allard-Caméus RB
Raymond Wladichuk DB
Cassidy Doneff WR
Bill McGrath OL