Recap 2: Post Draft Edition

Recapping the dynamic off-season moves of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. If I do not include I or N/I status it's because I'm unsure.

Nick Setta K/P (I)
Ray Mariuz LB (N/I)

Jeff Piercy FB (Retired)
Cornelius Anthony LB (Released)
Michael Botterill LB (Released) (N/I)
Sascha Lancaster DE (Released)
Terrence Patrick DE (Released)
Pat Woodcock WR (Released) (N/I)
Tony Miles WR (Released) (I)
Charles Thomas OL (Released)
Jesse Lumsden RB (Signed with Eskimos) (N/I)
Casey Printers QB (Released) (I)
Nick Kordic DB (Released) (N/I)
Alain Kashama DE (Released) (I)
Nautyn McKay-Loescher DL (Released)
Jordan Rempel OL (Traded) (N/I)
Richie Williams QB (Released) (I)
Sasha Glavic DB (Traded) (N/I)
Chad Rempel WR (Released) (N/I)
Gerald Davis OL (Traded) (I)
Tim Goodwell LB (Released) (I)
Rontarius Robinson DB (Released) (I)
Jo Jo Walker WR (Released) (I)
Andre Callender RB (Released) (I)


Otis Floyd LB (I)
Agustin Barrenechea LB (N/I)
Willie Quinnie WR (I)
Johnie Morant WR (I)
Alex Gauthier OL (N/I)
Matt Kirk DL (N/I)
Garrett McIntyre DE (I)
Alan Harper DL (I)
Mike McFadden DL (I)
Dennis Haley DL (I)
Josh Betts QB (I)
Erik Meyer QB (I)
Brandon Guillory DE (I)
Kevin Glenn QB (I)
Dan Goodspeed OL (Aquired via SSK Trade) (I)
Tim Goodwell LB (Signed then later released) (I)
Alex Morrow DL (I)
David Ball WR (I)
LaShaun Ward WR (I)
Airese Currie WR (I)
Dave Stala WR (N/I)
Brandon Myles WR (Aquired via SSK Trade) (I)
Yanick Carter LB (Aquired via SSK Trade) (N/I)
Elton Patterson DL (I)
Virgil Gray DB (I)
Isaac Brown LB (I)
Jacob Willis WR (I)

Coaching staff additions:
Greg Marshall Defensive Coordinator
Mike Gibson Offensive Coordinator
Khari Jones QB Coach
Joe Hagins Def. Assistant/Safeties coach
Travis Moore Off. Assistant/RB Coach

2009 CFL Draft:
1st overall: Simeon Rottier OL (Signed)
6th overall: Darcy Brown FB/TE (Signed)
13th overall: Ryan Hinds DB (Returning to school)
22nd overall: Scott Mcuaig DE (Pending)
33rd overall: Guillaume Allard-Caméus RB (Pending)
38th overall: Raymond Wladichuk DB (Pending)
41st overall: Cassidy Doneff WR (Pending)
46th overall: Bill McGrath OL (Returning to school)

Supplemental Draft:
Zac Carlson OL (Signed)

Unannounced signings:
Jacob Patek LB (I)
Jason Boltus QB (I)

Pending Signings:
Chase Clement QB (I)
Corey Mace DL (N/I)

Post away guys, keep it clean

Thats pretty interesting, we got rid of more players than I thought. We are bringing in some good talent (I hope improved talent) but it sure feels like we are doing another complete roster change. I think the nucleus of guys we are keeping this year is an improvement to the guys we kept last year. I wonder how many Guys did the Argos release over the off-season?

It been a Busy Off-Season but where once agian one Youngest Teams in The League.
I one heard Ritch Stubler say for Every Rookie you have add one loss to your record
with more rookies it Means more Time to Jell.
Plus we still IMO did fix the Biggest Issuie our DL is still going to be a Problem.

It been good Off-season but maybe changed too much.

Is that the first time in history anyone has quoted Rich Stubler.

From what I remember Stubler and his team of "seasoned veterans" didn't fare so well last season.

Go Cats!

Also remember that we added a number of veterans. Two starting tackles on the O-Line, a starting d-end, a starting LB (added 3 lb's with significant CFL experience), depth Canadian D-tackle, depth Canadian receiver, veteran QB. Then we have two number 1 pciks to provide o-line depth (with no immediate pressure to start). Same with Brown who is surely ready to contribute on special teams. We have signed a whack of potential new candidates for the d-line and for import receiver positions, both areas of need. And we've upgraded the coaching staff by a good margin. I think we need to look at the players that we're released, and then look at the new additions in totality. Best off-season in at least a decade, maybe longer.

sudburyfan, in response to your question, off the top my head, here is a list of departed Argos:

Chris Hardy
Jude St John
Mike O'Shea
Chad Folk
Jerome Davis
Kenny Wheaton
Keith Stokes
Aaron Wagner
Riall Johnson
Chuck Winters
Entire coaching staff except Buratto
Usher who worked Section 109 A
Highschool student at concession stand who is now in University

NFL option year players (may return)

Dominque Dorsey
PK Sam
Byron Parker
Cliff Washburn

But remember, the Argos started making changes half way through the 08 season, so there are actually more recent changes than I listed.

Some of you, Tiger Cats fans, don't seem to take the Argos seriously; I am not an Argos fan but I think that they will "fight" with the Als for 1st place in the East. They have improve in crucial areas: Moreno and Pottinger and Murphy and Picard +excellent recruiting/signings of import players. Better quality compared with high numbers of signings with the Cats.

The only team that will not be competitive in the East is Winnipeg. Major weaknesses in QB,offensive line and defensive backs, despite what their most passionate fans may say or better wish. They should not win more than 4 games.


I agree. The season will show whether the Cats or the TO scum end up competing with the Als: Obie's done a lot of great moves in the off-season, the Argos started blowing their team up half way through 2008 and it may/may not work out for them.

However, Mike Kelly has the makings of a franchise destroyer. The B-B promise to supply late 80's Ottawa style chaos: no QBs, no Ol, no hope.

Thanks Mike! :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :thup:

Thanks Gil!

You got to be kidding Me :lol:

Their Coaches are 95% American never coached a CFL Game Before.
Montreal Did not use all American Staff
They also Made sure to Bring coaches with CFL Experience.
The Argos be Fighting Winnipeg for Last (they be cross over for 3rd)

I don't think that applies when you've coming off a 3 win season.

Well Coach OnKnight, CFL coaching experience did not help Charile Taafe, Rich Stubler, Denny Crehen last year did it? Expect the Argos to be prepared to play this season. I am not sold on Marcel B as a head coach. Obie may regret not looking a little harder in that department.

But, I guess that is why they play the games.

Every rookie you start* :wink:

It obviously depends on who the rookies are and where they play. Sometimes you find a Chuck Ealey and you can buck the trend.

The key in this discussion is that the nucleus of the starting group has gained additional experience at key positions from last year. The DE line remains iffy, although one has to wait until training camp to get a better measure of how the personnel fits Marshall's scheme and particularly how the new imports adjust to the CFL style of play.

Guillory should be fine, but he clearly needs a bookend.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed ...
But I also think If the above coaches where given players that we have This year
Charlie could won with this Team .. I am sure of that ..
I agree I am not Sold on Marcel ether . But it obies call..
I'd Rather have gone after someone with more experience as a Head Coach in the CFL.
IMO Marcel is Just another Greg Marshall (Our Former Head Coach)

I guess Coach, we should remember that this is the CFL...logic does not always rule. As for the new head coaches of our teams, it is good to see new guys get chances, or else we would have the same recycled coaches (players for that matter too).

Being the coward that I am, I will refrain from any predictions.....however it will yet another interesting season ahead.

Another overhaul...and the offseason isn't even finished.

An overhaul was needed again. We kept our stellar players from last year, tossed the players who were dead weights and got even more players who can and will be stars. Our LB's blew, our O-Line blew, our D-Line blew, our passing game stunk. You can't take this in baby steps or we'll be getting nowhere fast. I can say confidently that the only question mark I see now is the D-Line and that's only because I haven't heard of most of the players they brought in. For all we know they could be Cam Wake's and Aaron Hunt's. Overhauling after yet another 3-15 season is understandable. I see this team as a 7-10 win team now and I'm happy with that, I'd like to go to games knowing that we'll be able to finish the game rather then allowing a game ending touchdown in the last 30 seconds all the time. Also the teams improve around you, so if you don't bring in top notch talent and keep what you have, they've got you right where they want you. Same old team, same old mistakes, easier to destroy with the new players aquired. I'm going to do my part and attend every game, have some beer and cheer the Cats to victory. PS- You seem to forget the Bombers made major overhauls this off-season too, tossing all of their best vets for unheard of rookies. EX.- Kevin Glenn, Dan Goodspeed, etc.