So, how satisfied are you with the rebuilding job, is there progress being made or are we going backwards. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel, what do think.

well you know when your rebuilding you should start with quality part's, the Bombers looked like they searched every cfl bone yard. We had a bus load of old parts which were shipped over from Calgry come in....we shined them up and installed them, only to find out..they were faulty. if we do not spend big money in the offseason to enhance our defunct D...history will repeat it's self.

hank....we installed the parts and the bloody engine siezed up.....we took a cadillac of a few years ago and turned it into a junker.....I;m so damn fed up with the way things are being run right now...I wish they would take the junker to the scrap all the mechanics and go get a new road crew...we are out of the race...............we have to spend some money on some free agents next year to fill some glaring holes......if we can add just a little enthusiasm with the injection of a new coach and a few quality players...maybe we can take a run at least a play-off spot in the year the cup comes to the Peg.....

The Bombers are totally going in the wrong direction, we were last year, now I don't think we are even on the road!


hey guys shit happens obivosly, But the bombers will head in the right direction when daley is off the side lines. Nuff Siad

Agree, it all starts by bringing in the head coach, he'll bring in his own staff, just who is out there that can fit the bill. We are already running out of time to start a new year can't be a rebiulding year, we need every win we can get to put us in a good position for a playoff run. Who's going to bring this coach in? leave it to Tamon, and we'll have Mickey mouse running the show..Donald duck will be directing the D...

our cgy players were not faulty. assuming you were talking about the kjones trade. mcgarity and peterson are beyond faulty. you want to talk rebuild okay. first thing to do is to see what is worth keeping. brown, canada, fleming, walls. congrats you keep your jobs. woodson, yeah okay. samuels, yes youre young with potential. lets not throw away our future for a couple immediate wins. fields evans.... unless someone better comes around. lysack can stay. the rest of you.... on the bubble for sure. offense, stegal stoddard brazzel safe. colon... some potential maybe. roberts regimbald safe (although poor scott has no role with this oc) oline starters safe. gyetvai i wish you were good. i really do. on the bubble at best. ryan safe but likely gone, westwood safe unless we can sign ryan. cvetnovic safe unless we get another reliable long snapper. michna and wynn would be safe with me until they have a shot to do something. glenn is a great backup acceptable starter if the rest of the team is playing decent but is never a game breaker. martin would anyone give us anything for this guy?? we have zero depth.. zero i can't think of one position on our team where we can say we have adequate depth. wait we have depth at backup qb. three of them now that are all decent backup qbs. if only one could step up and act like a starter. d coord is solid if rust comes back to town. right now it is a disaster. oc poor but better than in previous years. hc beyond hopeless at instilling desire to win or making intelligent decisions.

i hope we see michna and wynn(if he's healthy) both start at least one game before the season is done. let colon return the rest of the kicks. and we can even allow stokes to play receiver until another team we give us anything for him.

sorry this is a terrible post. all over the place not clear but i am not rewriting this rant.

got a lot of your points blackdale.....and agree with a lot of them......but also we really need to open up the wallet and go after some solid free agents that are available...I'm a little worried that they might not want to play in the Peg. as long as Daley is no matter what you offer them they might look elsewhere.... but spending more ( and I don't mean totally going crazy and breaking the bank) we get a couple of quality starters not someone elses castoffs....maybe then we will have improved the solid corps of players we have take a shot at a playoff spot next year...

Thats see the Bombers will be better once Ritchie is gon, Bombers will head in the right direction when Daley is gone hmm see a trend. Again to attract a good coach you need good recruitment. I would say Taman should go then the direction will change.

if we can sign enough quality players.....and I mean quality not retreads...and open up the vault.....we could possibly get by with the mediocre coaching we have..... go after a proven starter like Maas... in the off-season.....maybe a trade before the Oct. 19 deadline this year could start it off.......some big changes have to be made or this team will be heading for the gate.....and the erosion of the hard-core fan support the Bombers have worked so hard to build ....will commence... :frowning:

Time to replace Taman....He's let too many players slip through your organization.

rumours are Fleming is on the move.....has anyone heard the story out west...apparently being reported on a Van. radio sports show....maybe one of Tamans great trades....

Papazoola said go for Maas, not a bad idea, but it's going to cost us...Roberts for Maas and one of there up and coming db' get something you have to give something. Remember this is only a suggestion not my belief..

No, keep Roberts, he is a great player and the backbone of this O.


i like Fleming, but i don't think he's playing like the Fleming of old - whether that's becoz of the defence (or lack of it), age, or what, but he doesn't seem to be as "mean & dominating" as he once was. i think he'd be good trade bait, but who could you get for him?

i LOVE Roberts and would hate to see him go, but u do have to give up something to get something. i'm not so sure Maas is the answer though. let's see what Michna and Wynn can do for the rest of the year before you start trading "star" players like Roberts. i think Printers would be a better fit, but i don't think it's very likely - the 'peg can't afford him, and even if they could, would be want to come here???

rebuilding is for losers! in this day n age in pro sports, with free agency, trades, drafts, etc., a year max is all it should take to be competitive with any team.

Daley has had his year and the team is worse for it! FIRE DALEY, but before we do, make sure we have a plan in place so that the Bombers have a chance to get into the Grey Cup next year!!! Another season like this one would bring back too many memories of our buddy Reinbold! BTW - where is he now???? Last time i saw him was a year or 2 ago asst coaching with some NFL - Eurpoe team.

as a true blue fan i only want one thing answered. what is our plan for turning things around. we can say rebuild for the next ten years but if there is no plan behind the statement it means nothing. time is not an answer. time on its own does nothing. you can say time to me as long as you tell me what you plan to do in that time. ie we need 5 weeks time to work with our secondary and coaching to come up with a new scheme that is effective and possible. if you cannot accomplish this as a goal i suggest you need more than time. either new players or new coaches. if that is the plan i am fine with that. just have a plan. i have yet to hear any concrete plans from this team. what i do hear is stegal(someone i respect) say they have the players to win but lack the execution and scheme. then i hear daley say they are not good enough to win yet. need more time. then taman says we have limited funds so can't buy a team. then there is asper losing it on everyone. who do we believe. what i see is lack of agreement or vision and this does nothing to motivate fans to buy tickets. no fans no money coming in things get worse less fans and so on. we need someone with a vision and the ability to act on it(even if it is within a limited budget) let us believe there is some kind of plan. all we need is a little hope thrown our way. stegal seems to be the only one who believes in this team.

The only area where I feel personnel is really an issue for the Bombers is your secondary. You've GOT to get better cover men especially at halfback. Fleming and Brown are getting a little long in the tooth and you may want to upgrade there, but it's still a good unit.

Elsewhere, I don't see a problem with personnel. Receivers? You've got Stegall, Brazzell, Stoddard, McDonald, Stokes and Colon. If you can't pass the ball with these guys, then you're using the wrong schemes. Roberts is one of the best tailbacks in the league. And Glenn is sporting a pretty damn good quarterback rating for a guy whose team is in last place in the West.

So I feel that Stegall is right in saying that you have the guys but need the schemes and (by implication) better coaching. Why not try to get Rich Stubler as head coach next year? Or Hall from the Roughriders? A defensive-minded head coach will be twice as efficient at identifying deficiencies in your secondary and bringing in the right talent to improve it. As much as the CFL is a high-scoring league, you can't win without defense.

stegall for coach! who wouldn't want to perform for that guy. he believes in the team and has a desire to succeed unlike any other on the bombers. i tell ya player coach is the way to go! he would need a large supporting cast of assistants but who doesn't

Kanga......did you vote yes.......

i think daley found his way onto the site and managed to click yes. at least he figured out how to do something...