If thats the name of the game Obie, START now and make the VERY BEST MOVE you could...sign Rich Stubler as DC- NOW ! If you can fire a Head coach then an assistant is no problem...dump Creehan now and put an end to any and all lingering Charlie malaise. Worry about new faces later...get this done now before hes snapped up.

I don't think he will be "snapped up" so quickly. He is still getting head coach's coin from the Blue Team and no other defence in the league reeks likes the Cats' does.

No consultancy job is going to pay him HC money.

As for bringing a DC from the outside midstream, not a great idea IMHO and certainly I can only take one bizarre action per day from this club. :wink:

In the offseason, he would be a prime candidate for a new HC to choose as defensive coordinator. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,