Rebuilding again!

How often have we done this in the past!!! We just get going with a little unity and then boom the rug is pulled again. I have been a Ti Cat fan for over 50 years and just wish we could keep one team together. I do like new people but we do need some leadership on our team. I have no idea what kind of quarterback Zack is with our team - when in Toronto a totally different type of team. I don't ever give up and hopefully this team will gel. I am in Oliver, B.C. watching the game from paradise, however, my husband was born in Edmonton and a die hard fan of the Eskimos. We go through this every year and lots of beer drank but no divorce yet. LOL

Go Cats Go!!!

Welcome to the board!

I think we need to see 3-4 games to really see what Zach can do with this offense.

I don't think we can really judge yet based on one game in terrible weather.

This is not to say there isn't a lot to work on however.