The new coach will bring in his staff and players and it will take half the year for the team to learn the offence and defence. It will probably be a repeat of last year, 7 or 8 wins and wpg will be in tough to make the playoffs. Hopefully who ever takes over will have things straightened out by 2011.

Probably...unless they promote one of the assistants...if not, they'll be lucky to get 7 wins next season...if they don't get a quarterback, 7 wins is probably a pipe dream...

I'm not convinced that 'rebuilding' is the right term here. Most of the necessary buliding blocks are in place. Consider:

  1. There is a really good defensive coordinator in place;

  2. The talent on the defensive side is very good;

  3. The O line was pretty good, much better than many had thought would be the case;

  4. Decent running backs;

  5. Decent receiving corps.

So really, all that is needed is a new President/GM; a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, and a QB to either be brought in or one of the young guns already there to step up (sorry paul, I don't see Bishop as a quality starter).

That's not a full 'rebuild'. . . the Bombers have much more to work with than do the Argos. . . a 'rebuid' is sure needed there.

That bantam offense needed to be thrown out anyway. Obviously the team should attempt to sign Jovon before free agency kicks in. Kelly leaving makes getting an experienced QB more likely anyway, so no loss there. The team had no GM and no OC either. If they opt for coach Marshall he knows he's familiar with some of the players already. They just need to hire the right individuals. Credibility is key here for sponsors and season ticket buyers. does all depend on the new coach and what he feels he needs to change...keeping my fingers crossed he leaves the defence alone...

After Berry was fired, I really thought Marshall would get the job. At the time there were a lot of fans and media saying the D wasn't as good as it should be, goodbye Marshall. I'm to the point where I don't care who coaches or runs the team, I just hope they get the chance to!

The situation will get better. With both Bauer and Kelly gone I am sure the board will hire competant people to guide the ship. It can't get worse. The defence is fine. But the offence needs a work over. QB is vital for success. Not so sure about the receiving corps. There was a lot of dropped balls last year. I also am concerned about the running attack. Not to blame Reid. But it seems the front line were not opening the holes for him. Poor offensive scheme ? bad play calling ? Or is front line a problem. The QB is not the only factor.

The Bombers O needs lots of work. Aside from Labatte, you need a lot of young building blocks on the O-Line. There is zero at QB, and potential at receiver, but not consistency. And of course a whole new playbook is necessary.

Nothing wrong with the core of this team, it's the unknown(s) that will come to into play.

1: Will the new Coach and/or GM like the mix of players, or will that core get dismantled once again?
2: If Greg Marshall comes back, would he allow Mark Nelson to continue as the DC? Marshalls style is very different. Although I like Marshall and think he would be a fine HC, I prefer the defence Nelson has put together.
4: Can the new Coach, GM and/or OC get something productive out of the QB's?

President, GM, Coach and OC! Four of the most important roles in an organization.
Will they Rebuild? Or will they take the Marc Trestman route and work with what they have and get the most out of it! I hope it's the latter.

But as long as the organization gets it's integrity back and heads the right direction I know I'll be patient and allow them to grow over the next few years. that the 'winds' of change have blown through the Peg like a hurricane.....It's time for this team to get it's act together....It really doesn't matter if you were a Kelly supporter or hater....we are essentially Bomber fans and it's time we put our differences aside and backed this team....The door is wide open now....time to forge ahead...I'm going to take a little more time to decide on 'my takes' for the vacated positions....before posting them..... :wink:

leave the defense alone!
as for the offense

recievers: plenty of potential... no guarantees.. a reliable vet could make this group a threat. we have deep threats and playmakers that just arent alwats consistent. if edwards is healthy and they can bring in a sure handed posession type reciever... i like this group.

rbs: not all freddys fault... holes werent there at times , schemes maybe not the best.. but as ive said before reid may be our best trade bait... bernard is a great blocker, a better reciever than reid, and had a good ypc... reid would be missed but not as greatly as some think imo

oline: would be nice if we keep the second pick and snatch one of the studs in the draft... could go along way... if were able to find another decent guy or two in the offseason they may be able to get something going

qb: the glaring weakness. after the coaching and management are in place this needs to be priority one... they need to bring in the best they can... and someone who fits whatever system they plan on running.. this position will be the difference between a frustrating 3-7 win season, or a 8+ win season that i think would be a good accomplishment with new coaching and the lack of success last year

If Bishop had started the season at QB after a full training camp, Bombers would have made the playoffs. Even f he had not had camp and come in earlier, they certainly would have had a couple more wins. There were games when Bishop was magical, the Montreal win comes to mind. Dunigan was saying, when this guy is on he is fabulous. There was 4 games when Bishop was really spectacular. Anybody that argues that Bishop has no talent, is simply being dishonest with himself.

Give Bishop a full camp in a good system and he will really shine, just as he managed to really shine in 4 games with this god awful system. Nobody was talking about good Bishop bad Bishop, in 2007, that all developed after being thrown in to 2 pretty bad situations in Sask and Winnipeg.

Any interest in seeing what LeFors can do in a regular CFL offense?

He did do alright in Edmonton...

Worth bringing him to camp?

boy, I was on the fence with Kelly for a while, but I eventually jumped on the VERY wrong side... I'm kind of.... embarrassed :oops:

but anyways, like Mad Jack said, we need to leave the Defense alone entirely. We'll need a good offensive coordnator... Wouldnt mind Dave Dick in the least as the OC and QB coach

I like the idea of a possession reciever, anyone else besides me want to give DA a shot again now that the players have come out and told the truth about MK? cuz I sure do!

as for the O-line, there are many good options in the FA Market... Cedric Gagne-Marcox being one... and given the Ti-cats strength on the O-line i could see him becoming avail... however, if no one is available, the second overall pick should do fine... and Maybe Bates isnt that bad afterall... could that have been MK being MK? seemed to me Freddy was getting shut down a lot more after Bates was sidelined

Wouldnt mind having a RB that could grind out more yards for us... nothing against Fred, but it seems to me hes the type of guy that rips off huge games and plays against weak run defences, and doesnt do much against teams like the Als...

Well...I think there's a few of us who were fooled...color me embarrassed too...

Agree with all you say except maybe Armstrong...another year older, a year out of ball, and a bum knee...

...I just hope that we don't go through another 'blowing-up process'...There was some real good talent brought in last year ...We need a 'solid coach' to put things together with that in mind...

.....Vice-Pres.....I hope we have a good look at Tom Wright...Higgins, Robson ...very experienced CFL people
.....Head Coach.....I hope they have a good look at Cortez, Clements, and Milanovitch....and don't overlook our Nelson
....Offensive Coordinator....Rick Worman
.........subject to change without notice ...( i'm still thinking....and yes i can smell the wood burning) :wink:

Credit JBR over at for this summary of candidates:


Grant Carter (Sun)
Tom Higgins (Sun, FP)
Paul Robson (FP)
George Chayka (FP)

Vice-President-Football Operations/GM-

Eric Tillman (Sun)
Brendan Taman (Multiple outlets)

Head Coach-

Greg Marshall (multiple)
George Cortez (multiple)
Paul LaPolice (multiple)
Scott Milanovich (multiple)
Chris Jones (FP)
Mike Benevides (FP)
Tom Clements (FP)
Jim Fassel (FP)

Don't worry Papa. Playing football is not "Rocket Surgery" :wink:

No matter what you do it has to be fun for EVERYONE coming to work every day.

Spotlight has to be on the players, it is their time, they are the ones going out there every week. The HC's job is to be a catalyst to their success. What you had with Kelly was a case of a guy trying to salvage his miserable life on the back of these men.

Wow...some really interesting names there...are they all even possible??? Clements? Fassel?? Surprised to see Tillman as an option, given his situation (which we're not allowed to discuss, but that's another topic)

Really rootin' for either Cortez, LaPolice, or Milanovich as head coach...and maybe Paul Robson as CEO

Just not Higgins, he let the inmates run the aslyum in CGY. Hufnagel is still trying to weed out that culture in CGY.