Alright, let's place some guesses gentleman. How long before the Argos win their next Grey Cup? 10 years? Ugh, I just had to pick Toronto. I just started watching CFL in July, and since Toronto was playing and doing well for a surprise in the first game I saw, and because Toronto is the closest anglophone city to where I live, I chose them.

Roughly 5 years. I can't see them getting their act together all at once... I think the re-build will be slow, but steady.

If they trade for Bishop and team him up with receivers that he has worked with well in the past, could be as early as 2010 :rockin:

lmao :lol: keep dreaming.

LMAO Michael Bishop LMAO
Crack's me up every time people say that guys a good QB
If you don't mind a 10 td:35 INT ratio, Bishop's your man!

What cracks me up is the 15 championships the ti-cats claim to have. but you're right Bishop isn't a great QB.

In the CFL it's not difficult to turn things around. They need solid ownership and good GM who scouts well Canadians (draft) and Americans (free agents). If done right, they could be competitive by a couple years.

We need owners that care about the argos and will spend the money to recoup the losses incurred sofar and spend the money to get the players ans staff we need to be competitive, especially so if Toronto is supposed to host the 2012 Grey Cup...


With luck Braley & Barker can get the ball rolling...

The Argos rebound will begin this season. They will win more than 3 games. Just having Barker as coach will be good for 1 or 2 more games. I figure Andrus's lack of CFL experience cost them at least 2 games last season.

Ill predict a 6-12 season this year, if things go well, but afterthat we'll see a rebound back to the 2004-2007 era. Hopefully. :thup:

Andrus was an idiot, indeed. Whatever genuis though it was good idea to hire him should be strung upsides down by piano string in the town square of Toronto and put to death by firing squad.

I remember the delay of game penalty that moved a potential game-winning FG attempt further back. The kicker subsequently missed the kick. So yeah, at least one instance when Andrus's lack of CFL experience cost the Argos a game.

It happens. It happened to Trestman in his first year. He's said many times that learning how to manage the clock inside of the three-minute warning is a tough task and something he still struggles to do effectively.

I give you guys...4 years before you make the playoffs and 2 more for a cup. It's just not happening while the three C's (Calvillo, Cahoon, Colbourne) are still around.